Forgotten Music By Great Composers, Great Music By Forgotten Composers

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TOCCsmallLogoWelcome to Toccata Classics, the label dedicated to the vast amount of fine classical music the concert halls and major record companies are ignoring. We bring you revelations from forgotten Baroque cantatas via overlooked Romantics to composers once hidden behind the Iron Curtain, opening up a secret garden of delights.

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Toccata Classics Celebrates 10 Years!

Martin Anderson launched Toccata Classics on the evening of his 50th birthday, 3 September 2005, and so it follows that his 60th birthday, just celebrated, also brings the tenth anniversary of Toccata Classics. In that ten years Toccata Classics has released some 240 CDs, representing the work of 152 composers (54 of them living) and 348 musicians.

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