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Membership of the Discovery Club brings you huge savings on all Toccata Classics recordings and all Toccata Press music books – with the added advantage that you can enjoy the new releases and publications well before they reach the rest of the world. And you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to rewrite musical history and right some historical wrongs!

How It Works:

It works very simply: add the annual membership fee of £36 to your shopping basket and then check out so that it can take effect; you can log in to your new account and have instant access to the entire Toccata Classics catalogue, either on CD or as downloads, at a 30% discount on both existing and new recordings, and to all Toccata Press books on music – and as soon as you join, you will receive a £30 coupon towards your next purchase*!

With your £30 coupon, you’ve nearly got your money back as soon as you join, and you continue to make big savings everytime you buy something else through this site. There’s no minimum purchase, and nothing will be sent to you if you haven’t asked for it. As soon as you’ve joined the Discovery Club, you will immediately begin seeing your lower prices.

Once you join, you’ll get an e-newsletter every month to let you know what’s coming out, with links to the music so you can hear what’s on offer. If you like it, you simply buy it online and as soon as the CDs come in from the factory, they’ll be sent out to you – you’ll have it in your hands well before anyone else hears it. If you prefer to download, you’ll likewise have access to the links way ahead of the rest of the world. The newsletter will also bring you recording news – and advance samples where possible.

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*Coupon excludes other Discovery Club Memberships and our already low-price bundles.