David Gorton: Variations on John Dowland

John Dowland’s pavan Lachrimae was one of the hits of the early 1600s: musicians all over Europe made their own versions of it. The English composer David Gorton (b. 1978) proves that Dowland’s fascination endures, with this album of music that has its points of departure in Dowland, linking his time and ours over a span of 400 years – with a dig at some contemporary politicians along the way.

Longbow (Tracks 1,2-12, 21)
Stefan Östersjö, eleven-string alto guitar (Tracks 13-20)


Catalogue No: TOCC0396
EAN/UPC: 5060113443960
Release Date: 01.02.2017
Composer: David Gorton
Artists: Longbow, Stefan Östersjö

Listen To This Recording:

    John Dowland arr. Gorton: Flow my teares fall from your springs (1600, arr. 2013)

  1. Flow my teares fall from your springs
  2. David Gorton: Lachrymae Variations (2014)

  3. Introduction
  4. Theme
  5. Variation I
  6. Variation II
  7. Refrain
  8. Variation III
  9. Variation IV
  10. Refrain
  11. Variation V
  12. Thomas Morley arr. Gorton: Pavana and Galiarda (c. 1590, arr. 2015)

  13. Pavana
  14. Galiarda
  15. John Dowland arr. Stefan Östersjö: Forlorn Hope Fancy (c. 1590, arr. 2010)

  16. Forlorn Hope Fancy
  17. David Gorton: Forlorn Hope (2011)

  18. Contrapuntal Fantasia
  19. Dr Cable’s Pavan
  20. Fantasia on 1 to 4
  21. Mr Hunt’s Thing, Almain
  22. Fantasia on 10 and 11
  23. The Right Honourable David, Minister 3:36 of State for Universities and Science 2:26 (attending Cabinet), his Galliard
  24. Harmonic Fantasia
  25. John Dowland, set William Byrd arr. David Gorton: Pavana Lachrymae (c. 1600, arr. 2013)

  26. Pavana Lachrymae

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