Michael Alec Rose: Chamber and Solo Works for Strings and Horn


In 2004 the American composer Michael Alec Rose (born in 1959 in Philadelphia) met the English violinist Peter Sheppard Skærved. That meeting sparked off a productive friendship: Rose has since written a number of works for Sheppard Skærved and his musician colleagues, pieces marked by striking emotional directness, balancing warm lyricism and mordant wit.

Michael Alec Rose, bell
Peter Sheppard Skærved, violin, director
Mihailo Trandafilovski, violin
Morgan Goff, viola
Neil Heyde, cello
Kreutzer Quartet, string quartet
Rachel Meerloo, double-bass
Carly Lake, horn
Longbow, ensemble

Listen To This Recording:

  1. Air for solo violin (2009)
  2. Hubbert Peak: Three Gas Stations for String Quartet (2007–8)

  3. I Garage Lights
  4. II Standard
  5. III Gas
  6. Everything under the Sun: Four Seasons for Two Violins (2009)

  7. I Spring
  8. II Summer
  9. III Fall
  10. IV Winter
  11. Three Short Obsessions for solo violin (2004)

  12. No. 1 Farchadat (The Joys of Yiddish, p. 113)
  13. No. 2 Feroce
  14. No. 3 Interlude (Very Slow); ♩ = ca 112
  15. An Arch Never Sleeps: Duo for Violin and Double-Bass (2009)
  16. Palimpsest for solo violin (2006)
  17. Dr Johnson and Mr Savage: Pantomime for Violinist and Cellist (2008)
  18. All’arme for solo horn (2012)
  19. Hopeful Monsters for string orchestra (2011)

2 reviews for Michael Alec Rose: Chamber and Solo Works for Strings and Horn

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    “…[Hopeful Monsters] The work speaks Rose’s various languages: often starkly abstract and dissonant, sometimes quite tonal, sometimes a mix of the two. It’s unusual music, enjoyable listening.” American Record Guide

  2. :

    “…Masterfully weaving together harmony and dissonance, the music draws the listener in and, without fail, leaves us somehow "changed." Beautifully performed and recorded. Highly recommended.” Amazon Review

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