David Matthews: Complete Piano Trios

One reviewer described David Matthews’ string quartets as ‘musical thinking of the highest order and quartet writing in the great tradition of Beethoven, Bartók, Britten, and Tippett’ – influences Matthews readily acknowledges. These three piano trios evoke two other masters, since they have something of the drama of Shostakovich and the lyrical intensity of Vaughan Williams – all elements drawn together in Matthews’ own voice to make these works some of the most moving chamber music of recent years.

Leonore Piano Trio (Tracks 1-10)
Gemma Rosefield, cello (Tracks 11-13)


Catalogue No: TOCC0369
EAN/UPC: 5060113445694
Release Date: 01.01.2017
Composer: David Matthews
Artists: Gemma Rosefield, Leonore Piano Trio

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    Piano Trio No. 1, Op. 34 (1983)

  1. I Lento – Allegro moderato
  2. II Allegretto. Drily humorous
  3. III Adagio
  4. IV Molto moderato
  5. Piano Trio No. 2, Op. 61 (1993)

  6. I Allegro
  7. II Adagio
  8. III Scherzo: Molto allegro
  9. IV Allegro moderato – Andante con moto – Presto
  10. Piano Trio No. 3, Op. 97 (2005)

  11. I Con vivacità
  12. II Andante moderato
  13. Journeying Songs, Op. 95, for solo cello (2004–8)

  14. I Song for Judith: Robusto
  15. II Song for Elaine: Poco lento e quieto
  16. III Song for Gemma: Andante trasognato – Allegro appassionato

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