José Vianna da Motta: Piano Music

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Catalogue No: TOCC0481
EAN/UPC: 5060113444813
Release Date: 2018-07-01
Composer: José Vianna da Motta
Artists: Luís Pipa

The piano music of the Portuguese virtuoso and composer José Vianna da Motta (1868–1948) absorbs Romantic influences from Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt and Brahms, adding elements from Portuguese folk-music to constitute a major step in the development of a national style for Portuguese classical music. His last piano piece, a Méditation recorded here for the first time, reveals da Motta in the visionary soundworld of late Liszt and Skryabin.

Luís Pipa, piano

Listen To This Recording:

  1. Barcarola No. 1 Op. 1 (1884)
  2. Fantasiestück Op. 2 (1884)
  3. Piano Sonata in D major (1885): I Allegro ma non troppo
  4. Piano Sonata in D major: II Adagio molto tranquillo
  5. Piano Sonata in D major: III Allegro scherzando
  6. Rhapsodia portuguesa No. 4 Oração da tarde (1894)
  7. Serenata, Op. 8 (1893)
  8. Ballada, Op. 16 (1905)
  9. Barcarola No. 2, Op. 17 (1905)
  10. Méditation (1933)*


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