Kate Loder: Piano Music

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Catalogue No: TOCC0321
EAN/UPC: 5060113443212
Release Date: 2017-03-01
Composer: Kate Loder
Artists: Ian Hobson

Kate Loder (1825–1904) – a child-prodigy pianist from a family of musicians in Bath, in south-west England – was one of the first students at the Royal Academy of Music in London and one of Britain’s brightest young virtuosi. But Victorian prejudice thwarted a promising career: her well-to-do husband would not allow her to perform in public and so, as Lady Thomson, she became an important teacher and society hostess – and she continued to compose, including two sets of virtuoso studies that sit downstream from Chopin and Schubert.

Ian Hobson, piano

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    Twelve Studies, Book 1 (publ. 1852)

  1. No. 1 in C major
  2. No. 2 in G major
  3. No. 3 in D major
  4. No. 4 in B flat major
  5. No. 5 in E minor
  6. No. 6 in A major
  7. No. 7 in E flat major
  8. No. 8 in G major
  9. No. 9 in D minor
  10. No. 10 in F major
  11. No. 11 in C minor
  12. No. 12 in E major
  13. Twelve Studies, Book 2 (c. 1853)

  14. No. 1 in C major
  15. No. 2 in E major
  16. No. 3 in E minor
  17. No. 4 in A major
  18. No. 5 in A minor
  19. No. 6 in F major
  20. No. 7 in B flat minor
  21. No. 8 in E flat major
  22. No. 9 in G major
  23. No. 10 in G minor
  24. No. 11 in D major
  25. No. 12 in F sharp minor
  26. Three Romances (1853)

  27. No. 2 in A flat
  28. Pensée Fugitive in A flat (1858)
  29. Voyage Joyeux in A major (c. 1868)
  30. Mazurka in A minor (1895)
  31. Mazurka in B minor (1899)

4 reviews for Kate Loder: Piano Music

  1. :

    ‘Kate Loder (1825-1904), a child prodigy pianist from a distinguished musical family, entered the Royal Academy of Music at 13 and became a celebrated soloist – only to bow to the pressure of the time to give up public appearances after she married. She concentrated instead on composing and teaching, producing two books of virtuosic studies and several miniatures, all recorded here for the first time. Mendelssohn and Chopin’s influence is evident and Ian Hobson, who has also championed the music of Kate’s cousin Edward Loder, has total command of it all.’

    &mdashStephen Pritchard, The Guardian

  2. :

    ‘The decorative modesty of this output is genuinely charming, especially in British pianist Ian Hobson’s sparkling performances, further enhanced by the blessedly clear and friendly recording. Little delights continue in the character pieces, spiked with the unexpected A minor Mazurka of 1895. Pungent and brusque, it’s as if a casement window has been forced open, suddenly revealing a wider world.’

    —Geoff Brown, BBC Music Magazine, June 2017

  3. :

    “Ian Hobson plays with great assurance, neither seeking to inflate the rhetoric nor to downplay the clear influences on her of her eminent contemporaries. A finely judged recording balance completes a disc that shines renewed and welcome light on one of Britain’s unjustly overlooked musical families.”

    —Jonathan Woolf, Music Web International

  4. :

    ‘In fact, it is fair to say that this music plays to all of Hobson’s strengths as a pianist, which include legerdemain, an ability to give his all to music that might otherwise be considered slight, and a terrific underlying technique. … Certainly, there is music here very much of its time: The gently swaying No. 8 [Book 1] could only have come from this period and indeed this geographical location. Yet the Romance that forms the final étude of the first set is a real outpouring. Loder was clearly a talented melodist. … The recording is absolutely first-class.’

    —Colin Clarke, Fanfare Magazine

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