Richard Stöhr: Orchestral Music, Volume One: Music for String Orchestra

Catalogue No: TOCC0468
EAN/UPC: 5060113444684
Release Date: 2022-05-06
Composer: Richard Stöhr
Artists: Agnieszka Kopacka, Ian Hobson, Sinfonia Varsovia

These two works for string orchestra were composed on either side of the flight of the Viennese composer Richard Stöhr (1874–1967) from occupied Austria to the USA, and from prominence and danger to liberty and obscurity, and they reflect the change in his circumstances: the Concerto in the Old Style is expansive, witty, energetic and endlessly good-natured, whereas the Second Suite is introspective, understated and deeply felt. These first recordings allow the discovery of two major additions to the repertoire for strings; the Second Suite is also one of the last grand statements of late Romanticism.

Agnieszka Kopacka, piano (Tracks 1–4)
Sinfonia Varsovia
Ian Hobson, conductor

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    Concert im alten Stil for strings, piano and percussion, Op. 68 (1937)

  1. I Intrata: Allegro giusto
  2. II Quasi Sarabande und Scherzo: Andante religioso
  3. III Burleske und Aria: Allegretto scherzando
  4. IV Introduction und Finale: Grave – Tempo di allegro – Più lento e maestoso – Tempo des ersten Satzes
  5. Suite No. 2 in A minor for string orchestra, Op. 120 (1947)

  6. I Andante maestoso
  7. II Molto vivace
  8. III Adagio con espressione
  9. IV Allegro leggiero e scherzando
  10. V Introduction (Fuge) und Finale: Andante – Allegro con spirito



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