Ernst Krenek: Complete Piano Concertos, Volume Two

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Catalogue No: TOCC0392
EAN/UPC: 5060113443922
Release Date: 01.04.2017
Composer: Ernst Krenek
Artists: Adrian Partington, English Symphony Orchestra, Eric Huebner, Kenneth Woods, Mikhail Korzhev, Nurit Pacht

Ernst Krenek’s seven piano concertos – four for solo piano, one for two pianos, one with violin and one with organ – form one of the major concerto-series of the twentieth century, but also one of the least familiar. This second instalment in their first complete recording reveals breath-taking bravura writing – in the virtuoso piano technique, the dazzling orchestration and the stylistic integration of serialism and good-natured recollection of Viennese tradition.

Mikhail Korzhev, piano
Eric Huebner, piano (Tracks 4 – 7)
Nurit Pacht, violin (Tracks 8 -14)
Adrian Partington, organ (Tracks 15 -20)
English Symphony Orchestra
Kenneth Woods, conductor

Listen To This Recording:

    Piano Concerto No. 4, Op. 123 (1950)*

  1. I. Allegro, agitato e pesante
  2. II. Molto adagio
  3. III. Allegro, molto vivace
  4. Concerto for Two Pianos, Op, 127 (1951)*

  5. I. Allegro vivace
  6. II. Andante
  7. III. Allegro vivace
  8. IV. Adagio
  9. Double Concerto for Violin and Piano, Op. 124 (1950)*

  10. I. Andantino
  11. II. Allegro ma non troppo, deciso
  12. III. Andantino
  13. IV. Allegretto
  14. V. Lento
  15. VI. Allegro
  16. VII. Tempo di Landler
  17. Little Concerto for Piano and Organ Op. 88 (1940)

  18. I. Andante sostenuto
  19. II. Andantino
  20. III. Allegro energico
  21. IV. Andante, liberamente
  22. V. Adagio
  23. VI. Allegretto

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4 reviews for Ernst Krenek: Complete Piano Concertos, Volume Two

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    “I was bowled over by Krenek’s directness, which manifests itself in clear textures and material that never outstays its welcome. Indeed, Krenek also had a knack for leaving his listeners wanting more. … As much as I enjoyed the first volume in this series, I have to say the second is even more to my taste. It seems everyone involved ‘clicks’ with these scores in a way that can only strengthen Woods’s – and Toccata’s – belief in this composer’s attractive oeuvre. Once more, Tregear and Korzhev provide notes from both the music historian’s and pianist’s point of view; they also find a good balance between biographical detail and musical analysis. … Another indispensable instalment in this important series;” –Music Web International, May 2017

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    “The keenly-awaited second volume from Toccata Classics devoted to Ernst Krenek’s four Piano Concertos has arrived, and it’s every bit as worthwhile… The Concerto for Violin and Piano returns us to 1950. … It’s a lyrical and shared work, economical and subtle, during which Mikhail Korzhev continues his championing of Krenek’s music, joined by the impressive Nurit Pacht, matched throughout by Kenneth Woods and the English Symphony Orchestra. … These excellent performances are splendidly recorded, all for the first time save for Opus 88, and typical of this adventurous label the presentation is exemplary and includes essays and biographies galore.” –Classical Source, May 2017

  3. :

    “…a hearty endorsement yet again to Toccata Classics and these excellent musicians for revealing the existence of this unjustly neglected repertoire.” —Fanfare Magazine, September/October 2017

  4. :

    “Mikhail Korzhev is the heroic soloist, wisely prioritising wit over brute force. …a fascinating collection – and how refreshing to have three sets of sleeve notes, written respectively by soloist, conductor and music historian. Ken Woods’ hardworking English Symphony Orchestra acquit themselves brilliantly. Snap it up.” –The Arts Desk, August 2017

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