Ronald Stevenson: Piano Music, Volume Two


Catalogue No: TOCC0388
EAN/UPC: 5060113443885
Release Date: 01.02.2017
Composer: Ronald Stevenson
Artists: Christopher Guild

This second album of piano music by the Scottish composer Ronald Stevenson (1928– 2015) focuses on several strands of his musical personality: his engagement with the folk traditions of Scotland and with Scottish cultural history, his concern to write rewarding music for young pianists, and his creative friendships with other musicians.

Christopher Guild, piano

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    Frank Merrick transcr. Ronald Stevenson Hebridean Seascape (c. 1935/1986)*

  1. Hebridean Seascape
  2. Three Scots Fairy Tales (1967)*

  3. No. 1 What the Fairy Piper Told Me
  4. No. 2 What the Fairy Harper Told Me
  5. No. 3 What the Fairy Fiddler Told Me
  6. A Carlyle Suite (1995)

  7. I Aubade (Morning Song)
  8. II Souvenir de Salon
  9. III Variations on a theme by Frederick the Great: Theme
  10. III Variations on a theme by Frederick the Great: Theme, Var. 1: Maestoso barocco. In Baroque style
  11. III Variations on a theme by Frederick the Great: Theme, Var. 2: Allegretto. In Rococo style
  12. III Variations on a theme by Frederick the Great: Theme, Var. 3: Allegro ardente. In Romantic style.
  13. III Variations on a theme by Frederick the Great: Theme, Var. 4: Modere: egal et leger. In Impressionist style
  14. III Variations on a theme by Frederick the Great: Theme, Var. 5: Rezitativ und Marsch. Expressionist style
  15. III Variations on a theme by Frederick the Great: Theme, Var. 6: Versuch einen jungsten Klassizitat. Calmo
  16. IV Scherzino-Schottishe
  17. V Serenade (Evening Song)
  18. Rory Dall Morison’s Harp Book (1978)*

  19. No. 1 Oran do Iain Breac MacLeoid
  20. No. 2 Feill Nan Crann
  21. No. 3 A’Cheud Di-Luain d’r Raithe
  22. No. 4 Creach na Ciadaoin
  23. No. 5 Oran do MhacLeoid Dhun Bheagan
  24. No. 6 Fuath nam Fidhleirean
  25. No. 7 Cumha Peathar Ruaridh
  26. No. 8 Super Tiynearna Leoid
  27. Three Scottish Ballads (1973)

  28. No. 1 Lord Randal
  29. No. 2 The Dowie Dens o’ Yarrow
  30. No. 3 Newhaven Fishwife’s Cry
  31. Savourna Stevenson transcr. Ronald Stevenson Lament for a Blind Harper (1986)*

  32. Lament for a Blind Harper

*First Recordings

4 reviews for Ronald Stevenson: Piano Music, Volume Two

  1. :

    ‘The rule of thumb for appreciating Ronald Stevenson’s music is to understand that his style is an amalgam of Scottish inspiration, alongside a profound understanding of contemporary Western musical developments as well as an encyclopaedic knowledge of a wide range of indigenous music from around the world. Importantly, Stevenson was equally at home in making transcriptions of other composer’s music as he was in producing original scores. … The liner notes by Christopher Guild are excellent and provide an essay-length survey of the composer and the music on this CD. … The playing on this disc is superb. Christopher Guild provides a definitive account of all these works. Although this disc concentrates on works that have a Scottish or Celtic ‘flavour’ the sound worlds of Bartok or Busoni are often not too far away. The interpretation requires a universal understanding of both pianism and local music making. I look forward to Volume 3 of this cycle, and hope to be able to review Volume 1 at some stage. This is clearly a major project from Toccata Records and Christopher Guild, if the ‘complete’ piano works (original and transcriptions) are to be tackled. I imagine that it will take several years and many CDs. In my opinion, the wait will be well worth it. Ronald Stevenson was/is a larger than life character: his music deserves to be in the public domain.’ –Music Web International, March 2017

  2. :

    “I only hope that Christopher Guild goes on to record the rest of Stevenson’s piano music. … This is an excellent disc. Christopher Guild’s playing is first rate and, I enjoyed it even more than volume one. He shows a great understanding of the man and his music, something that he not only brings out in his playing but also in his invaluable booklet essay, in which he shares his memories of the composer and also includes some of Stevenson’s own writings on the works. As I have said above, this disc, along with volume one, with all their premier recordings, only serves to leave me wanting to hear more, especially if recorded by Guild. Let us hope that Toccata will release further volumes in the series soon.” –Music Web International, April 2017

  3. :

    “…music impressively performed by the Scottish pianist Christopher Guild. … That Stevenson was a great transcriber is abundantly demonstrated no only in Rory Dall Morrison’s Harp Book, but also in Hebridean Seascape, which reimagines the slow movement of Frank Merrick’s Second Piano Concerto, a colouristic tour de force, vibrantly brought to life by Guild.” —The Gramophone, May 2017

  4. :

    “There is much to enjoy on this disc, and Guild is adept at both the children’s pieces and the more virtuoso passages. The disc is part of an opening up of Stevenson’s repertoire on CD, and will certainly be welcome to lovers of Stevenson’s music (four of the works on the disc are first recordings).” –Planet Hugill, June 2017

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