Gerard Schurmann: Chamber Music, Volume Three

Catalogue No: TOCC0336
EAN/UPC: 5060113443366
Release Date: 2017-08-01
Composer: Gerard Schurmann
Artists: Alyssa Park, Luke Maurer, Lyris Quartet, Martin Beaver, Mikhail Korzhev, Shalini Vijayan, Timothy Loo

This is the third Toccata Classics album of the chamber music of Gerard Schurmann, born in the former Dutch East Indies in 1924, British citizen through wartime service in the RAF and now resident in Los Angeles. His two piano quartets, downstream from Bartók, Shostakovich and Britten, present a wide range of moods, from broad and stately tempos to passages of driving energy and excitement. Their quasi-symphonic ambit is contrasted with the tart miniatures of the Serenade for solo violin and the tail-chasing vivacity of Two Violins.

Lyris Quartet
Alyssa Park, violin Tracks 1–3, 13–21
Shalini Vijayan, violin Tracks 16–21
Luke Maurer, viola Tracks 1-3, 13-15
Timothy Loo, cello Tracks 1-3, 13-15
Martin Beaver, violin Tracks 4-12
Mikhail Korzhev, piano Tracks 1-3, 13-15

Listen To This Recording:

    Piano Quartet No. 1 (1986)

  1. Piano Quartet No. 1, I Ricercare
  2. Piano Quartet No. 1, II Capriccio
  3. Piano Quartet No. 1, III Corale
  4. Serenade for Solo Violin (1969)*

  5. Serenade for Solo Violin, I Ardente
  6. Serenade for Solo Violin, II Grazioso
  7. Serenade for Solo Violin, III Con slancio
  8. Serenade for Solo Violin, IV Pastorale
  9. Serenade for Solo Violin, V Burla
  10. Serenade for Solo Violin, VI Presto
  11. Serenade for Solo Violin, VII Vivace
  12. Serenade for Solo Violin, VIII Tranquillo
  13. Serenade for Solo Violin, IX Pesante – Ardente
  14. Piano Quartet No. 2 (1997-98)

  15. Piano Quartet No. 2, I Allegro moderato
  16. Piano Quartet No. 2, II Scorrevole – Adagio cantabile
  17. Piano Quartet No. 2, III Allegro molto
  18. Two Violins (2015)*

  19. Two Violins, I Parading
  20. Two Violins, II Dreaming
  21. Two Violins, III Playing
  22. Two Violins, IV Teasing
  23. Two Violins, V Roaming
  24. Two Violins, VI Chasing

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1 review for Gerard Schurmann: Chamber Music, Volume Three

  1. :

    ‘…this is the friendly and approachable face of twentieth century music but also that Schurmann has his own voice that draws you in and also makes you think. […]

    I would imagine that the composer must have been delighted with the final cut of these performances. There is some very fine playing here and the energy and vitality of the music is captured to its full where necessary but when needed the reflective nature of the music is thoughtfully conveyed.’

    —Gary Higginson, MusicWeb International

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