Gerard Schurmann: Chamber and Instrumental Music and Songs, Volume Four

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Catalogue No: TOCC0520
EAN/UPC: 5060113445209
Release Date: 2019-06-01
Composer: Gerard Schurmann
Artists: Mark Robson, Maxim Rubtsov, Mikahil Korzhev, Randall Bills

This fourth Toccata Classics album of the chamber music of Gerard Schurmann – born in the former Dutch East Indies in 1924, naturalised Briton and now a resident of Los Angeles – adds two major song-cycles (one of them written for Britten and Pears) and works for flute and piano to the mix, in a distinctly personal language derived from influences ranging from Javanese gamelan to Bartók and Britten. Schurmann’s music somehow manages to blend elegant intensity and touching lyricism, with a result balanced between strength and sensitivity.

Randall Bills, tenor; Tracks 1-7, 16-21
Maxim Rubtsov, flute
Mark Robson, piano; Tracks 1-7, 9-12, 13-21
Mikhail Korzhev, piano; Track 13

Listen To This Recording:

    Chuench’i: Song-Cycle from the Chinese (1966)*

  1. I New Corn
  2. II Plucking the Rushes
  3. III Shang Ya!
  4. IV Flowers and Moonlight on the Spring River
  5. V Look at that Little Bay of the Chi
  6. VI Self-abandonment
  7. VII At the End of Spring
  8. Moonbird for solo flute (1998)*

  9. Moonbird for solo flute
  10. Four Pastoral Preludes for Piano (2012)*

  11. No. 1 Bellac
  12. No. 2 Grotto
  13. No. 3 Rivulets
  14. No. 4 Solitude
  15. Sonatina for Flute and Piano (1968)*

  16. Sostenuto – Allegro vivace – Lento – Variations 1-5 – Allegro vivace – Sostenuto
  17. Two Ballads for Piano: Homage to Janáçek (1981-83)

  18. No. 1 Hukvaldy
  19. No. 2 Brno
  20. Six Songs of William Blake (1956. rev. 1997 and 2018)

  21. No. 1 Augury
  22. No. 2 Ah, Sun-flower
  23. No. 3 I Laid Me Down Upon a Bank
  24. No. 4 Eternity
  25. No. 5 The Sick Rose
  26. No. 6 To the Evening Star



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