Ernst KRENEK: Complete Piano Concertos, Volume One

Ernst KRENEK: Complete Piano Concertos, Volume One

The piano concertos of Ernst Krenek (1900–91) are major contributions to the twentieth-century repertoire, comparable to those of Bartók, Prokofiev, Schoenberg and Shostakovich, but astonishingly two of them have never had commercial recordings – an omission this series seeks to redress. Piano Concertos Nos. 1–3, written between 1923 and 1946, show Krenek throwing off the constraints of tonality in favour of a freewheeling, individual use of twelve-tone technique, brimming with colour and often animated with a keen sense of wit.

Mikhail Korzhev
English Symphony Orchestra
Kenneth Woods

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Catalogue No: TOCC0323
EAN/UPC: 5060113443236
Release Date: 01.03.2016
Composer: Ernst Krenek
Artists: English Symphony Orchestra, Kenneth Woods, Mikhail Korzhev


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