George Antheil: Piano Music, Volume One: Late Works, 1939–55

Catalogue No: TOCC0447
EAN/UPC: 5060113444479
Release Date: 2018-08-01
Composer: George Antheil
Artists: Judy Pang

The American composer George Antheil (1900–59) enjoyed the sobriquet ‘the Bad Boy of Music’ thanks to the mechanistic scores of his early career. This anthology of piano music from the last twenty years of his life reveals a muse that could also be affectionate, flirtatious and capricious – but the ‘Bad Boy’ occasionally re-emerged, as in the diabolical mischief of the wild, peppery, Prokofievan toccatas also recorded here.

Judy Pang, piano

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    Mother’s Day Piece (1939)

  1. Mother’s Day Piece
  2. The Ben Hecht Valses (1942)*

  3. The Ben Hecht Valses
  4. Musical Picture of a Friend (1946)

  5. Musical Picture of a Friend
  6. Carnival of the Beautiful Dresses (1939/1946)

  7. I Opening Choral
  8. II A la valse
  9. III Mexicali
  10. IV Valse Passion
  11. V Habañera-Rhumba
  12. VI Love Affair Valse
  13. VII Autumn Fancy
  14. VIII Gamin Valse
  15. IX Martinique
  16. X Grand Climax
  17. XI Valse of the Female Gamin Who Fell in Love Hopelessly For a Time
  18. XII Gay American Valse
  19. XIII Finale Rhumbetta
  20. Two Toccatas (1948)*

  21. No. 1
  22. No. 2
  23. Valentine Waltzes (1949)*

  24. No. 1
  25. No. 2
  26. No. 3
  27. No. 4
  28. No. 5
  29. No. 6
  30. No. 7
  31. No. 8
  32. No. 9
  33. No. 10
  34. No. 11
  35. Piano Sonata No. 5 (first version, 1950)

  36. III. Presto
  37. Waltzes from Volpone (second version, 1949–53/1955)

  38. Waltzes from Volpone
  39. Berceuse for Thomas Montgomery Newman (1955)

  40. Berceuse for Thomas Montgomery Newman


1 review for George Antheil: Piano Music, Volume One: Late Works, 1939–55

  1. :

    ‘I have enjoyed this disc greatly. Indeed it has not been off my CD player for the last four days. Judy Pang is an excellent exponent and champion on Antheil’s music. She has the ability to bring out the sweetness of the emotional pieces, and the agility and power to express the more forthright components through of the more powerful pieces of the composer and his music. I look forward to the future volumes of this series, especially if Pang is playing them. She has an ability to bring to the fore every nuance of this music.’

    —Stuart Sillitoe, MusicWeb International

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