Richard Arnell: Complete Music for Violin and Piano


Catalogue No: TOCC0492
EAN/UPC: 5060113444929
Release Date: 01.09.2018
Composer: Richard Arnell, Stanley Bate
Artists: Elizabeth Dunn, Patrick Wastnage

This recording pairs music for violin and piano by two young British composers who found themselves marooned in American exile by World War II: Richard Arnell (1917– 2009) and Stanley Bate (1911–59). Arnell’s music can be warmly lyrical and fiercely dramatic by turn, rather like its energetic and volatile composer. Stanley Bate was briefly a bright star on the musical scene, a brilliant pianist whose career was obscured from his British audience by the War and truncated by his early death. His First Violin Sonata has echoes of two of his teachers – Vaughan Williams and Hindemith.

Patrick Wastnage, violin
Elizabeth Dunn, piano (Tracks 1-15; 17-19)

Listen To This Recording:

    Sonata No. 2 for Violin and Piano, Op. 55 (1949)

  1. I Vivace
  2. II Andante
  3. III Andante
  4. Variations on an American Theme, Op. 76 (1953)

  5. Theme Andante
  6. Var. 1 Allegro
  7. Var. 2 Andante
  8. Var. 3 Vivace
  9. Var. 4 Lento, non troppo
  10. Var. 5 Allegro
  11. Var. 6 Presto
  12. Var. 7 Andante
  13. Stanley Bate: Sonata No. 1 for Violin and Piano, Op. 47 (1946)

  14. I Allegro
  15. II Lento
  16. III Tempo di Marcia
  17. IV Presto
  18. Richard Arnell

  19. Passacaglia for Solo Violin, Op. 23
  20. Sonata No. 1 for Violin and Piano (1940)

  21. I Allegro
  22. II Adagio
  23. III Molto vivace



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