Carl CZERNY: Piano Music, Volume One


Catalogue No: TOCC0020
EAN/UPC: 5060113440204
Release Date: 01.07.2019
Composer: Carl Czerny
Artists: Jingshu Zhao

The Viennese-born Carl Czerny (1791–1857) is best remembered for his countless pedagogical studies, hundreds and hundreds of them. But Czerny’s astonishing fecundity – his opus numbers go up to 861, but there is much more music than that – has served to obscure the fact that he was an important composer in his own right, his works forming a link between Beethoven (his teacher) and Liszt (his student), between the Classical and Romantic eras. The pieces recorded here, all for the first time, reflect the brilliance of his own playing and were intended to impress the salons of Biedermeyer Vienna.

Jingshu Zhao, piano

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    L’Écho des Alpes Suisses, Livre 2 No. 1, Introduction & Variations brillantes sur l’air suisse Alles liebt/Tout aime, Op. 428 (publ. 1838)

  1. Introduzione: Andante sostenuto
  2. Thema: Allegretto
  3. Var. 1: Vivo e brillante
  4. Var. 2
  5. Var. 3: Vivo e brillante
  6. Var. 4: Molto agitato
  7. Var. 5: Andante sostenuto
  8. Finale: Allegro vivace
  9. Impromptu brilliant sur un thème national suisse, Op. 429 (publ. 1838)
  10. Impromptu sentimental sur le thème O nume benefico’ de lopéra La gazza ladra, de Rossini, Op. 523 (publ. 1839)
  11. Élégantine ou Rondeau brilliant, Op. 136, No. 2 (publ. 1827)
  12. Fantaisie sur des mélodies de Beethoven, Op. 752 (publ. 1844)

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