Timothy Roberts: Portraits, Distillations and Soundgames

Timothy Roberts, born in Hampstead, north London, in 1953, has been a mainstay of the early-music scene in Britain and further afield for decades. He is best known as a keyboard player, but in recent years composing has been of growing importance to him. Hardly surprisingly, his music refracts the Baroque and Classical world in which he is active, usually with a playful but respectful twist.

Jeremy West, cornett (tracks 1–13, 17–23)
Timothy Roberts, harpsichord (tracks 2–15), piano (tracks 11–16), clavichord (track 14), organ (track 22)
His Majestys Sagbutts & Cornetts (tracks 5–10)
Katy Bircher and Andrew Crawford, Baroque flutes (tracks 18–21)
Gail Hennessy and Hilary Stock, oboes da caccia (tracks 18–21)
Mike Gingold, alto saxophone (track 24)
Charles Daniels, tenor (track 27)
Digital compositions (tracks 24, 26–28)

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    Improvisations for Jeremy for solo cornett (2005)

  1. No. 31 Firle Beacon
  2. Three Distillations from Songs by Gabriel Fauré for harpsichord (1997)

  3. No. 1 En sourdine (prélude non mesuré)
  4. No. 2 Clair de lune (style brisé)
  5. No. 3 Puis que l’aube grandit (arpeggio)
  6. On the Wall, Off the Wall: Six Venetian Sketches for cornetts and sackbuts (2004)

  7. No. 1 Intrada
  8. No. 2 Cromatica
  9. No. 3 Forte e piano
  10. No. 4 Fantasia allegra
  11. No. 5 Canzona amorosa
  12. No. 6 G. Gabrieli in memoriam
  13. Two Family Portraits for piano (1996)

  14. No. 1 Mozart in Blue
  15. No. 2 Insomniac Rag: or, The Fearful Symmetries Nocturne
  16. Improvisations for Jeremy

  17. No. 5 Mild and Bitter
  18. Valldemossa Road for clavichord (2006)

  19. Valldemossa Road for clavichord
  20. The Duke’s Rondeau for harpsichord (2009)

  21. The Duke’s Rondeau for harpsichord
  22. Sonatina for Haydn for piano (2009)

  23. Sonatina for Haydn for piano
  24. Improvisations for Jeremy

  25. No. 18 Southease
  26. Upon Words from Saint Matthew for two Baroque flutes and two oboes da caccia (2001)

  27. Prelude
  28. Fugue I: The Spirit is Willing but the Flesh is Weak
  29. Fugue II: Ye Have Always the Poor with You
  30. Fugue III: My God, My God, Why hast Thou Forsaken Me?
  31. The Triumphant Fall of Man for organ (2006)

  32. Improvisation for Gerhard Grenzing for organ
  33. Improvisations for Jeremy

  34. No. 4 The Furlongs
  35. Sunshine for the Mind: 19 Soundgames on Works by Henry Purcell (2006–15)

  36. No. 5 Groundwork I, after Purcell’s A New Ground
  37. No. 10 Sunshine for the Mind, after ‘Sound the Trumpet’
  38. No. 11 Groundwork II, on the ground bass of ‘Music for a While’
  39. No. 14 And So to Bed, after An Evening Hymn
  40. No. 12 An Orchestra’s Guide to the Young Person, after the Rondo from Abdelazer



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