Manuel Cardoso: Missa Secundi Toni and Other Works


Manuel Cardoso (1566–1650) was one of the most important composers of the golden age of Portuguese polyphony around the turn of the seventeenth century. But modern choirs have been surprisingly slow to explore the rich legacy of his compositions: this is the first recording of his Missa Secundi Toni, and the first of any of his works with brass consort, its dark colours providing an effective contrast with the young voices of the Girton College Choir.

The Choir of Girton College, Cambridge (Tracks 1–2, 4–7)
Historic Brass of the Royal Academy of Music (Jeremy West, leader) (Tracks 1–5, 7 10–14, 16–17)
Lucy Morrell, organ (Tracks 1–5, 7–8, 10–13, 15–17)
Gareth Wilson, director (Tracks 1–7, 9–14, 16–17)

Listen To This Recording:

    CARDOSO Magni cat Octavi Toni*

  1. Magnificat Octavi Toni
  2. DE BRITO Sancta Maria*

  3. Sancta Maria
  4. MORAGO Commissa mea pavesco*

  5. Commissa mea pavesco
  6. CARDOSO Missa Secundi Toni*

  7. Missa Secundi Toni: I Kyrie
  8. Missa Secundi Toni: II Gloria
  9. Ecce mulier Chananea
  10. Missa Secundi Toni: III Credo
  11. ANON. Obra de Segundo Tom*

  12. Obra de Segundo Tom
  13. CARDOSO Aquam quam ego dabo

  14. Aquam quam ego dabo
  15. CARDOSO Missa Secundi Toni*

  16. Missa Secundi Toni: IV Sanctus
  17. Missa Secundi Toni: V Benedictus
  18. Sitivit anima mea**
  19. Missa Secundi Toni: VI Agnus Dei
  20. Non mortui**
  21. ANON. Passo de Segundo Tom*

  22. Passo de Segundo Tom
  23. CARDOSO Magni cat Quinti Toni*

  24. Magnificat Quinti Toni
  25. MAGALHÃES Commissa mea pavesco**

  26. Commissa mea pavesco



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