Robert Fürstenthal: Songs and Ballads of Life and Passing

Catalogue No: TOCC0354
EAN/UPC: 5060113443540
Release Date: 2017-01-01
Composer: Robert Fürstenthal
Artists: Rafael Fingerlos, Sascha El Mouissi

Robert Fürstenthal, born in 1920, took the path of many Viennese Jews when Germany invaded and fled to the United States, where he made his living as an accountant; the fact that he had written a few songs in his youth was soon forgotten. The rediscovery, after 35 years, of the woman who had been his first love rekindled not only that flame but also his urge to compose, and songs – achingly lovely songs, laden with an autumnal sense of loss – flowed from his pen from that moment, preserving the spirit of fin-de-siècle Vienna under the Californian sun. He died in November 2016, aged 96, as this album was in preparation, knowing that some of his many songs had at last been recorded and were about to find their audience.

Rafael Fingerlos, baritone
Sascha El Mouissi, piano

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  1. Vol. I: No. 8, ‘Liebeslied’
  2. Vol. II: No. 10, ‘Aber ich seh dich ja nicht’
  3. Vol. IV: No. 5, ‘Reiselied’
  4. Vol. V: No. 4, ‘Einmal’
  5. Vol. III: No. 4, ‘Der Tag der weissen Chrysanthemen’
  6. Lieder und Balladen vom Leben und Vergehen

  7. No. 14, ‘Herbst’
  8. No. 8, ‘Es braust mein Blut’
  9. No. 11, ‘Auf meines Kindes Tod’
  10. No. 9, ‘Ergebung’
  11. No. 7, ‘Seeliges Vergessen’
  12. No. 2, ‘Der Abend ist mein Buch’
  13. No. 16, ‘Schlussstück’
  14. Spätlese

  15. Vol. I: No. 3, ‘Auf einer goldenen Flöte’
  16. Vol. III: No. 5, ‘Advent’
  17. Vol. I: No. 5, ‘Notturno’
  18. Vol. I: No. 10, ‘Terzinen über Vergänglichkeit’
  19. Vol. III: No. 6, ‘Träume’
  20. Songs after Poems by James Joyce

  21. Vol. III, No. 7, ‘Sleep now’
  22. Vol. II, No. 1, ‘O Cool’
  23. Spätlese

  24. Vol. VI: No. 1, ‘An F’

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1 review for Robert Fürstenthal: Songs and Ballads of Life and Passing

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    ‘It has been a been a privilege to get to know these songs and I will certainly return to them when out of reviewing duties. The young baritone Rafael Fingerlos is a congenial interpreter of them with his beautiful lyric voice and his sense for nuances. He is expertly accompanied by Sascha El Mouissi. There are valuable biographical notes by Françoise Farron-Fürstenthal, an illuminating article by producer Michael Haas on ‘Exile, Identity and Music’ and a musical analysis of the songs by Professor Erik Levi. A fascinating insight into the world of Robert Fürstenthal.’

    —Göran Forsling, MusicWeb International

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