Joan Cabanilles: Keyboard Music, Volume One: Eleven Organ Pieces

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Catalogue No: TOCC0391
EAN/UPC: 5060113443915
Release Date: 01.11.2016
Composer: Joan Cabanilles
Artists: Timothy Roberts

Much of the music of Joan (or Juan) Cabanilles (1644–1712) is as virtuosic and colourfully Baroque as that of his northern contemporary, Dietrich Buxtehude, though it is also touched with a distinctively Spanish intensity. He is claimed as the most prolific of all composers for the organ, and publication of his works, begun in 1927, is still under way. The surviving manuscripts can be seriously corrupt, requiring extensive editing and sometimes even detailed recomposition. This is the first in an ongoing series of recordings designed to restore a great Valencian master to his unique glory.

Timothy Roberts, historic organ (1724) of the Basilica of Sant Jaume, Vila-real (Castellón/Valencia)

Listen To This Recording:

  1. Tocata No. 1 de primero tono
  2. Passacalles No. 2 de primero tono
  3. Tocata No. 4 de quinto tono*
  4. Tiento No. 12 de falsas, de cuarto tono
  5. Tiento No. 31 partido de mano derecha, de primero tono*
  6. Tiento No. 82 lleno, por Bequadrado de quinto tono
  7. Tiento No. 9 partido de mano derecha, de secondo tono*
  8. Tocata No. 2 de mano izquierda, de quinto tono
  9. Tiento No. 63 de contras, de cuarto tono*
  10. Tiento No. 55 [lleno], de primero tono
  11. Tiento No. 14 partido de do s tiples, de cuarto tono*

*New Reconstructions by Timothy Roberts

3 reviews for Joan Cabanilles: Keyboard Music, Volume One: Eleven Organ Pieces

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    Really beautiful music, very well performed at a perfectly fitting Spanish organ! Looking forward to Volume II! 🙂 Greetings from Holland.

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    I simply had to drop everything to recommend this Toccata Classics recording in the strongest possible terms to all lovers of renaissance and baroque music and of organ music in general. … The first reason to welcome this recording is that several of the pieces are not otherwise available. … The booklet which accompanies the new Toccata recording is my second reason for recommending it. Roberts’ notes contain all that you need to know about Spanish organ music of this period and about Cabanilles’ in particular. … It’s the instrument which gives me my third reason for recommending the recording: it’s a real joy to hear an organ which has just the right voicing for Spanish music of this period without sounding out of tune. … The fourth and most important reason concerns the performances themselves. … It’s not even out of tune except to ears attuned to equal temperament and that’s part of the enjoyment. The recording is very good, even as heard in the emusic mp3 download, but I do recommend obtaining the CD or the Qobuz download for the excellent booklet. … I can’t wait to hear more of Cabanilles´ prolific output.” –Music Web International, January 2017

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    “…the notes are well researched and documented copiously…. In his tientos, Cabanilles took full advantage of organological innovations such as brash horizontal trumpet stops, and balanced modern and archaic styles judiciously, earning him an enduring reputation as one of the key figures in the development of the genre. Timothy Roberts is an intelligent interpreter, clearly at home with the genre and its compositional intricacies. … Timothy Roberts has taken great care to inhabit fully the nuanced world of Iberian keyboard styles. As such, this recording may be the closest thing we’ll ever get to hearing Cabanilles’s music as he might have played it. I look forward to the next volume of the collection.” —Fanfare Magazine, May/June 2017

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