Myroslav Skoryk: Music for Violin and Piano

Catalogue No: TOCC0137
EAN/UPC: 5060113441379
Release Date: 2012-04-23
Composer: Myroslav Skoryk
Artists: Arthur Greene, Solomia Soroka

The leading Ukrainian composer of today, Myroslav Skoryk (born in Lwów, now Lviv, in 1938) grew up in Siberia, where his family was deported after the Second World War, and he began to write music under the tutelage of other political prisoners there. He later studied with Kabalevsky in Moscow before settling back in his native city, where he soon became an important teacher and is now a major figure in Ukrainian cultural life. His music is direct and forthright, with echoes of Prokofiev: there are passages of driving energy and power and a keen sense of drama — and Skoryk, too, is not afraid of writing a glorious tune when he wants to.

Solomia Soroka, violin
Arthur Greene, piano

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    ‘…[Allegretto and Dance] These are transcriptions of the orchestral music he wrote for the 1964 film Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors which I remember seeing and being very impressed with. The music is highly effective and evocative of the [Hutsulian] region and played a major role in the film; it encouraged me to think of visiting the area myself one day. …That Skoryk can’t resist using these folk tunes is further evidenced by his Carpathian Rhapsody of 2004 which is a really catchy tune. It’s destined to become one of those ‘ear worms’ that will remain playing itself inside one’s head for some considerable time. …a great disc of really interesting music by a little known composer. Toccata have revealed Skoryk in the best possible light using two fantastic performers…’

    —Steve Arloff, MusicWeb International

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