Georgy Sviridov: Hymns and Prayers

Georgy Sviridov: Hymns and Prayers

Gyorgy Sviridov (1915-98) saw himself as part of the thousand-year continuum of Russian culture, giving its resonance full expression in the monumental choral cycle Hymns and Prayers, written over a ten-year period from 1987 to 1997; he completed it only weeks before he died. Extraordinarily beautiful and profoundly moving, Hymns and Prayers is perhaps the most important Russian choral composition since the liturgies of Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninov. At this time of tension between Russia and Ukraine, here a Ukrainian choir sings a Russian masterpiece.

Credo Chamber Choir, cond. Bogdan Plish; Ivanna Bondaruk, soprano; Yuliya Zuveya, mezzo soprano; Roman (Podlubnyak), celibate deacon, tenor; Roman Pachashynsky, tenor; Nazar Yakobenchuk, baritone; Tarasiy (Mudrak), archdeacon, bass;

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Catalogue No: TOCC0123
EAN/UPC: 5060113441232
Release Date: 01.12.2014
Composer: Georgy Sviridov
Artists: Bogdan Plish, Credo Chamber Choir, Ivanna Bondaruk, Nazar Yakobenchuk, Roman Pachashynsky, Tarasiy (Mudrak), Yuliya Zuveya

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  1. Introduction: O Lord, save the pious
  2. Introduction: Holy God
  3. From the Old Testament

  4. From the Old Testament: I. The Earth is the Lord’s
  5. From the Old Testament: II. Song of Purification
  6. From the Old Testament: III. The King of Glory
  7. The Nativity of Christ

  8. The Nativity of Christ: I. Nativity Song
  9. The Nativity of Christ: II. Having beheld a strange nativity
  10. The Nativity of Christ: III. It is meet
  11. The Nativity of Christ: IV. Come, let us worship
  12. The Nativity of Christ: V. Glory to the most Holy Trinity (fast)
  13. Christ’s Life on Earth

  14. Christ’s Life on Earth: I. Lord, stir up your strength
  15. Christ’s Life on Earth: Entreaty to the apostle St. John the Theologian
  16. Christ’s Life on Earth: III. The Last Supper
  17. Christ’s Life on Earth: IV. Judas’ Betrayal
  18. Christ’s Life on Earth: V. Glory and Alleluia
  19. Christ’s Life on Earth: VI. Inexpressible Wonder
  20. After the Resurrection

  21. After the Resurrection: I. Behold the bridgroom comes
  22. After the Resurrection: II. Have mercy on us, O Lord
  23. After the Resurrection: III. Prayer of the Blind Man
  24. After the Resurrection: IV. Glory (monastic)
  25. After the Resurrection: V. Repentance of the Prodigal Son
  26. After the Resurrection: VI. Glory (quiet)
  27. After the Resurrection: VII. Glorification of the Mother of God

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    5 out of 5


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