Samuel Adler: Music for Chamber Orchestra

Catalogue No: TOCC0642
EAN/UPC: 5060113446428
Release Date: 2022-04-01
Composer: Samuel Adler
Artists: Charles Neidich, Dongmin Kim, Michelle Farah, New York Classical Players, Sooyun Kim, Taylor Smith, Yoonah Kim

The music of Samuel Adler – born in Mannheim in 1928 but long since one of the leading figures of American music – has its roots in the Neo-Classical clarity of composers like Copland and Hindemith, who were among his teachers. The works on this album arose from a range of impulses: a Neo-Baroque concerto grosso and a tribute to Bach encase a series of tributes to lost individuals and traditions; and two jeux d’esprit – Ives’ tongue-in-cheek Variations on America and Holst’s ‘Jupiter’ from The Planets – both bring jollity in Adler’s idiomatic arrangements for string orchestra.

Sooyun Kim, flute (Tracks 1–4)
Michelle Farah, oboe (Tracks 1–4)
Yoonah Kim, clarinet (Tracks 1–4)
Taylor Smith, bassoon (Tracks 1–4)
Charles Neidich, clarinet (Track 6)
New York Classical Players
Dongmin Kim, leader and conductor

Listen To This Recording:

    Arcos Concerto (2008)

  1. I Slowly and very lyrically
  2. II Fast and fluid
  3. III Slow and quiet
  4. IV Fast and vigorous
  5. Elegy (1962)
  6. Beyond the Pale (2008)
  7. Come Let’s Dance (2020)
  8. Gedenkfeier (2018)
  9. In the Spirit of Bach (2013)

  11. Variations on America, for string orchestra, arr. Adler (2021)

  13. The Planets: ‘Jupiter’, for string orchestra, arr. Adler (2019)


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