Samuel Adler: Chamber and Instrumental Music

Catalogue No: TOCC0624
EAN/UPC: 5060113446244
Release Date: 03.12.2021
Composer: Samuel Adler
Artists: Cassatt Quartet, Michael Brown, Michelle Ross

The works of Samuel Adler – born in Mannheim in 1928 but long since one of the leading figures of American music – are both modern and approachable: they blend an edgy angularity with long flights of lyrical melody, and are often informed with both a buoyant charge of energy and an impish sense of humour. This conspectus of his chamber and instrumental music covers almost sixty years of his activity as a composer and thus presents a kind of portrait in sound.

Michelle Ross, violin (Tracks 2–6, 9–11)
Michael Brown, piano (Tracks 1–4, 6–11)
Cassatt Quartet (Track 12)
Muneko Otani and Jennifer Leshnower, violins
Ah Ling Neu, viola
Elizabeth Anderson, cello

Listen To This Recording:

  1. Fantasy for Piano Solo (2014)*
  2. Violin Sonata No. 2 (1956)

  3. I Allegro moderato
  4. II Lento espressivo
  5. III Allegro molto ma non troppo
  6. In Memory of Milton for Violin Solo (2012)*

  7. In Memory of Milton for Violin Solo
  8. Violin Sonata No. 3 (1965)

  9. Fast and intense – Very slowly – Suddenly fast – Very lively – Very slowly – Like a waltz, gracefully – Fast and intense
  10. Festschrift: A Celebration for Solo Piano (2007)*

  11. Festschrift: A Celebration for Solo Piano
  12. Thy Song Expands My Spirit for Piano Solo (1980)*

  13. Thy Song Expands My Spirit for piano solo
  14. Violin Sonata No. 4 (1989)

  15. I Quite fast
  16. II Quiet and dream-like
  17. III Fast and very rhythmic
  18. String Quartet No. 10 (2014)*

  19. Very slowly – Fast and very agitated – Very slowly – Fast and with abandon


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