Ronald Stevenson: Piano Music, Volume Three


Catalogue No: TOCC0403
EAN/UPC: 5060113444035
Release Date: 01.02.2019
Composer: Ronald Stevenson
Artists: Christopher Guild

The Scottish composer Ronald Stevenson (1928–2015) was a virtuoso concert pianist in the tradition of Beethoven, Liszt and Rachmaninov but, like his friend Percy Grainger, he was also fascinated by the folk musics of the world. This third album of his piano music juxtaposes his arrangements of Celtic – Breton, Cornish, Irish, Manx, Scots and Welsh – folk-songs and dances with his Chinese and Ghanaian Folk-Song Suites and his resourceful transcription of Grainger’s visionary Hill Song No. 1 for wind band, here realised as an expansive tone-poem for the piano.

Christopher Guild, piano

Listen To This Recording:

  1. African Twi-Tune: The Bantu and Akrikaaner National Hymns Combined (1964)*
  2. GRAINGER transcr. STEVENSON (1960)

  3. Hill Song No. 1
  4. Sounding Strings (1979)*

  5. I Harp of Gold (Y Delyn Aur): Welsh Air (Broad, bardic)
  6. II The Ash Grove (Lwyn On): Welsh Air (Allegretto)
  7. III Hal-an-tow: The Floral Dance from Helston, Cornwall (Allegro)
  8. IV A Fairy’s Love Song: Hebridean Air (Moderato)
  9. V The Sheep under the Snow: Manx Air (Andante)
  10. VI Savourneen Deelish: Irish Gaelic Air (Fairly slowly)
  11. VII The Cockle-gatherer: Hebridean Dance-song (Allegretto)
  12. VIII Tune from County Derry: Irish Air (Slowly)
  13. IX Eriskay Love-Lilt: Hebridean Air (Andante, accarezzante (caressingly))
  14. X Ben Dorain: Scottish Gaelic Air (Moderato maestoso)
  15. XI La Basse-Breton: Folk Dance from Brittany (Allegro)
  16. XII The Old Womans Reel: Folk Dance from Barra, Outer Hebrides (Not fast but fairly sprightly (remember its an old womans dance))
  17. XIII LAngelus Breton: Folksong from Brittany (Andante amabile (gently))
  18. XIV The Child Christs Lullaby: Hebridean Carol from South Uist (Andante)
  19. Chinese Folk-Song Suite (May 1965)*

  20. I The Washer-woman and the Flower-girl (Con moto tranquillo)
  21. II A Song for New Years Day (Andante)
  22. III The War-widows Lament (Lento)
  23. IV Beautiful Fresh Flower (Allegretto)
  24. V Song of the Crab-fisher (Allegro con spirito)
  25. Ghanaian Folk-Song Suite (1965)*

  26. I Song of Valour
  27. II Consolation
  28. III Leopard Dance
  29. Bonny at Morn (15 Novemer 1990)*
  30. The High Road to Linton (April 1978)*
  31. Barra Flyting Toccata (April 1980)*



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