Postcards from Grimethorpe: Music for Brass Band

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When the American composer Jack Stamp was appointed International Composer-in-Association to the Grimethorpe Colliery Band in 2019, he conceived a recording project focused on works specifically written for the GCB, including compositions by himself and Liz Lane, the other GCB Composer- in-Association, alongside other pieces which have played a prominent role in the Band’s recent activities. The kaleidoscopic range of styles to be heard here displays the extraordinary virtuosity of one of the world’s best-known brass bands.

Grimethorpe Colliery Band
Jack Stamp, conductor
Ben Palmer, guest conductor

Jack Stamp (b. 1954)

  1. Handsel Overture (2019)* (7:23)

David Hackbridge Johnson (b. 1963)

  1. Slow March on Gresford: In memorian E.R. II (2022)* (8:24)

Michael Halstenson (b. 1956)

  1. Winter’s Moon (2022)* (8:13)

Liz Lane (b. 1964)

  1. Serenata (2019) (4:34)

Harrison Birtwistle (1934-2022)

  1. Grimethorpe Aria (1973)** (10:03)

Robert Bernat (1931-94)

  1. Dunlap’s Creek (1976) (4:50)

Ben Gaunt (b. 1984)

  1. More Like What It Is (2023)* (5:55)

Liz Lane

  1. Beyond the Light (2022)* (6:57)

Jack Stamp

  1. Vociferation (2022)* (7:02)

Edward Gregson (b. 1945)

  1. Postcards to Grimethorpe (1993/2022)* (3:31)

*First Recordings
**Live Recording


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