MOZART BY ARRANGEMENT: Volume Three: Transcriptions for Organ

Catalogue No: TOCC0381
EAN/UPC: 5060113443816
Release Date: 2020-04-03
Composer: Simon Sechter, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Zeno Bianchini
Artists: Christian Lambour, Zeno Bianchini

Until the advent of recordings, the way you got to know the music of the masters was to play them yourself. The expansion of domestic music-making at the beginning of the nineteenth century generated a huge market for arrangements, most of them for piano solo or duet. Mozart was an especial favourite, and this programme extends the basic premise by adapting some of those arrangements for organ, as well as presenting some contemporary arrangements and completions, recorded on an organ from Mozart’s own day.

Zeno Bianchini (Tracks 5–7, 13, 14, 17); primo (Tracks 1–4, 9–12, 15, 16); secondo (Tracks 8, 18)
Christian Lambour, primo (Tracks 8, 18); secondo (Tracks 1–4, 9–12, 15, 16)
Organ of the former Benedictine Abbey of Neu St Johann in St Gallen Canton, Switzerland


Listen To This Recording:

    Divertimento in B flat major, k240 arr. anon. (c. 1815)

  1. I Allegro
  2. II Andante grazioso
  3. III Menuetto
  4. IV Allegro
  5. Adagio in C for glass harmonica, K356 (K617a) (1791)

  6. Adagio
  7. Eine kleine Nachtmusik, k525: Romanze arr. for two hands and pedal by Zeno Bianchini (1991)

  8. Romanze
  9. Molto allegro in G major, K72a for two hands, completed by Zeno Bianchini (1998)

  10. Molto allegro
  11. Fugue in G minor, k401 (k375e) completed by Maximilian, Abbé Stadler

  12. Fugue in G minor, K401 (K375e)
  13. Sketch for a figured chorale, k620b Study, completed by Simon Sechter

  14. Sketch for a figured chorale, K620b
  15. Sechs leichte Stücke aus Mozarts Oper ‘Die Zauberflöte’ (k620) (arr. Christian Gottlob Neefe; publ. 1793)

  16. No. 1 ‘Der Vogelfänger bin ich ja’
  17. No. 4 ‘Das klinget so herrlich’
  18. No. 5 ‘Ein Mädchen oder Weibchen’
  19. Clarinet Concerto, k622: Adagio arr. for two hands and pedal by Zeno Bianchini (2006)

  20. Adagio
  21. Ave verum corpus, k618 arr. Franz Liszt for two hands

  22. Ave verum corpus, k618
  23. Simon Sechter (1788-1867)
    Fuga 17 (Motiv aus Mozart’s Don Juan), Op. 53, for four hands (publ. 1832)

  24. No. 17
  25. Fuga 16 (Motiv aus Mozart’s Requiem), Op. 53, for four hands (publ. 1832)

  26. No. 16
  27. Mozart Requiem, k626
    arr. Renaud de Vilbac for two hands (publ. c. 1875)

  28. Lachrimosa
  29. arr. Muzio Clementi for two hands (publ. 1803)

  30. Kyrie


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