John Joubert: Organ Music

John Joubert was born in Cape Town in 1927 and settled in Britain after arriving as a student in 1946. His organ music, surveyed here to mark his 90th birthday, ranges from the miniature to the monumental, often reflecting Bach’s influence, and always demonstrating the balance of craftsmanship and honesty of expression that has assured Joubert’s place in the affection of his audiences.

Tom Winpenny, organ of St. Albans Cathedral


Catalogue No: TOCC0398
EAN/UPC: 5060113443984
Release Date: 01.03.2017
Composer: John Joubert
Artists: Tom Winpenny

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    Reflections on a Martyrdom, Op. 141 (1997)*

  1. I Recitative
  2. II Aria
  3. III Funeral March
  4. IV Epilogue
  5. Prelude on the Old Hundredth, Op. 15 (1955)*

  6. Prelude on the Old Hundredth, Op. 15
  7. Six Short Preludes on English Hymn Tunes, Op. 125 (1990)

  8. I Picardy
  9. II Song One
  10. III Southwell
  11. IV Abridge
  12. V Mon Dieu, prete-moi l’oreille
  13. VI Old Hundredth
  14. Prelude on ‘Picardy’, Op. 55 (1967)

  15. Prelude on ‘Picardy’, Op. 55
  16. Prelude on ‘York’, Op. 152 (2004)*

  17. Prelude on ‘York’, Op. 152
  18. Recessional, Op. 135 (1998)

  19. Recessional, Op. 135
  20. Passacaglia and Fugue, Op. 35 (1961)

  21. Passacaglia
  22. Fugue


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