John Joubert: Organ Music

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Catalogue No: TOCC0398
EAN/UPC: 5060113443984
Release Date: 2017-03-01
Composer: John Joubert
Artists: Tom Winpenny

John Joubert was born in Cape Town in 1927 and settled in Britain after arriving as a student in 1946. His organ music, surveyed here to mark his 90th birthday, ranges from the miniature to the monumental, often reflecting Bach’s influence, and always demonstrating the balance of craftsmanship and honesty of expression that has assured Joubert’s place in the affection of his audiences.

Tom Winpenny, organ of St. Albans Cathedral

Listen To This Recording:

    Reflections on a Martyrdom, Op. 141 (1997)*

  1. I Recitative
  2. II Aria
  3. III Funeral March
  4. IV Epilogue
  5. Prelude on the Old Hundredth, Op. 15 (1955)*

  6. Prelude on the Old Hundredth, Op. 15
  7. Six Short Preludes on English Hymn Tunes, Op. 125 (1990)

  8. I Picardy
  9. II Song One
  10. III Southwell
  11. IV Abridge
  12. V Mon Dieu, prete-moi l’oreille
  13. VI Old Hundredth
  14. Prelude on ‘Picardy’, Op. 55 (1967)

  15. Prelude on ‘Picardy’, Op. 55
  16. Prelude on ‘York’, Op. 152 (2004)*

  17. Prelude on ‘York’, Op. 152
  18. Recessional, Op. 135 (1998)

  19. Recessional, Op. 135
  20. Passacaglia and Fugue, Op. 35 (1961)

  21. Passacaglia
  22. Fugue

4 reviews for John Joubert: Organ Music

  1. :

    ‘I’ve already admitted to finding some of these works hard going but the organ music is a more attractive proposition without being in any way facile. I’m very grateful to Toccata for its availability and in such sympathetic performances. […]

    Throughout the programme Tom Winpenny offers a sure guide to all this music. This is ‘his’ organ and he knows how to get the best out of it. […] The recording, in 24-bit sound, does the instrument and the performances full justice. Toccata booklets have overtaken even Hyperion as role models on how to do things. […]

    I have been listening to several fine recordings from Toccata recently – it’s became almost a cliché to praise their entrepreneurism – and I’m constantly on the look-out for recommendable recordings of organ music. This is one of the best in both categories.’

    —Brian Wilson, MusicWeb International

  2. :

    ‘This release celebrates some fine examples of his contribution to that tradition, appropriately recorded on the impressive Harrison and Harrison organ at St Alban’s cathedral, site of the execution of St Alban, the subject of a 1969 cantata which in turn provided material for his dark yet consolatory Reflections on a Martyrdom from 1997, brilliantly played here by Tom Winpenny. Attractive preludes on English hymn tunes and a thundering Passacaglia and Fugue make this a must for any aficionado.’

    —Stephen Pritchard, Guardian

  3. :

    ‘Indeed the complete works don’t quite make an hour’s worth of music but these works do represent the composer in all of his facets and skills. In addition they are spaced across his long career from the 50’s into 2004. And there is a consistent voice during these six decades, a voice that you recognise but which is highly individual. […]

    I would be quite sure that the composer, who was 90 only a few weeks before this CD emerged, will be absolutely delighted by Tom Winpenny’s performances and clearly demonstrated understanding of the requirements needed to make this music sing. … A very useful and fascinating release especially for anyone with an interest in modern organ music.’

    —Gary Higginson, MusicWeb International

  4. :

    ‘It’s what you would expect from a guide so consistently sympathetic, articulate and engaging.’

    —Paul Riley, BBC Music Magazine, June 2017

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