Anatoly Lyadov: Complete Piano Music, Volume One

Catalogue No: TOCC0082
EAN/UPC: 5060113440822
Release Date: 2010-04-15
Composer: Anatoly Lyadov
Artists: Olga Solovieva

Anatoly Lyadov (1855-1914) is remembered these days chiefly for his Musical Snuffbox, once a favourite encore. Lyadov was indeed a miniaturist — but a far more productive one than his reputation for laziness suggests. His substantial output for piano — never previously recorded in its entirety — reveals a composer with an energetic keyboard manner reminiscent of Schumann, often coloured with a hint of Russian folk-music.

Olga Solovieva, piano

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    Biryulki, Op. 2 (1876)

  1. 1, Presto
  2. 2, Allegro
  3. 3, Allegretto
  4. 4, Allegro con fuoco
  5. 5, Vivace
  6. 6, Allegro
  7. 7, Moderato
  8. 8, Allegro moderato
  9. 9, Allegretto tranquillo
  10. 10, Allegro
  11. 11, Tempo di Valse
  12. 12, Prestissimo
  13. 13, Vivace
  14. 14, Presto
  15. Six Morceaux, Op. 3 (1876t77)

  16. No. 1: Prelude
  17. No. 2: Gigue
  18. No. 3: Fugue (Moderato)
  19. No. 4: Mazurka (Allegro)
  20. No. 5: Mazurka (Allegro energico)
  21. No. 6: Mazurka (Allegro non troppo)
  22. Arabesques, Op. 4 (1878)

  23. No. 1 (Allegro con fuoco)
  24. No. 2 (Allegretto)
  25. No. 3 (Allegro grazioso)
  26. No. 4 (Ad libitum – Vivace)
  27. Etude, Op. 5 (1881)
  28. Impromptu, Op. 6 (1881)
  29. Deux Intermezzi, Op. 7 (1881)

  30. No. 1 (Allegro vivace)
  31. No. 2 (Allegro energico)
  32. Deux Intermezzi, Op. 8 (1883)

  33. No. 1 (Allegro con fuoco)
  34. No. 2 (Allegretto)
  35. Deux Morceaux, Op. 9 (1883)

  36. No. 1: Valse
  37. No. 2: Mazurka
  38. Trois Morceaux, Op. 10 (1884)

  39. No. 1: Prelude
  40. No. 2: Mazurka in C major
  41. No. 3: Mazurka in D major
  42. Trois Morceaux, Op. 11 (1885)

  43. No. 1: Prelude
  44. No. 2: Mazurka (in Dorian Mode)
  45. No. 3: Mazurka in F sharp minor

6 reviews for Anatoly Lyadov: Complete Piano Music, Volume One

  1. :

    ‘This disc marks the start of the first complete cycle of [Lyadov’s] piano music, and is a reminder of what a fine composer he could be within the narrow range in which he worked … Olga Solovieva plays it all with great finesse, but is also not afraid to really let rip when required.’

    —Tim Ashley, The Guardian

  2. :

    My thanks to Pyotr Klimov for suggesting that I might consider recording the complete piano works of Lyadov. As I learned these pieces, I understood with what thoroughness, accuracy and attention to detail they were composed – Lyadov’s art is that of the jeweller. In the early works one can hear the influence of Schumann and Chopin, but even here the typical ‘Lyadovian’ traits are always audible. In my view Lyadov’s piano output is not only highly individual; it is of a quality that makes it both important for Russian music and of world significance.

  3. :

    ‘Olga Solovieva does a fine job of interpreting these miniatures… These are very well conceived and written embracing the entire keyboard requiring—like most of this music—a formidable technique, which pianist Olga Solovieva displays in abundance … A fascinating disc in many ways, especially in view of world premiere recordings heard on the disc, and some first recordings captured digitally. I look forward to future volumes of Lyadov’s music.’

    —Lance G. Hill, Classical Music Guide Forums

  4. :

    ‘… Russian pianist Olga Solovieva here embarks on a complete recording of Lyadov’s piano music, and the results are well worth the listener’s time. … Thoroughly pleasing, with precise yet never academic performances from Solovieva and unfussy engineering, in Moscow, from Britain’s Toccata Classics… Strongly recommended.’

    —James Manheim, AllMusic

  5. :

    ‘… Solovieva’s playing is consistently brilliant … My overall impression of the disc is of well-made little pieces played with pianistic brilliance …’

    —R. James Tobin, Classical Net

  6. :

    ‘…In short, these are charming, deft performances, coolly but not clinically recorded in 2005 and 2008. They are splendidly crafted, and differ quite a lot from others who have ventured into the repertoire. …Solovieva brings tremendous vigour and strength to these performances, and she has made an excellent, vibrant start to her series.’

    —Jonathan Woolf, MusicWeb International

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