Karl August Hermann: Complete Piano Music

Catalogue No: TOCC0418
EAN/UPC: 5060113444189
Release Date: 2018-09-01
Composer: Karl August Hermann
Artists: Nicolas Horvath

Linguist, journalist, composer, choir-leader, songwriter, historian, literary philologist and encyclopaedist, Karl August Hermann (1851–1909) has long been recognised as one of the founder-figures of Estonian national awakening in the second half of the nineteenth century. But in spite of his cultural and historical significance, his output of piano pieces has been overlooked until now. This first recording reveals them to be charming miniatures, blending echoes of Chopin and Grieg with the essence of Estonian folksong.

Nicolas Horvath, piano

Listen To This Recording:

  1. Suve õhtu eha ajal (Summer Evening at Twilight)
  2. Tundline unistus (‘Emotional Dream)
  3. Des Lebens Kampf (‘The Combat of Life’)
  4. Winter und Frühling (‘Winter and Spring’)
  5. Valse nationale des Esthoniens (‘National Waltz of the Estonians’)
  6. Ausser Athem! (Out of Breath!’)
  7. Air estonien varié et modulé (‘Varied and Modulated Estonian Tune)
  8. Die Lösung des Rätsels (‘The Solution to the Puzzle’)
  9. Estnische Volkslied (‘Estonian Folksong’)
  10. Air dété (‘Song of Summer’)
  11. Pulli Hansu pulmad (Funny Hans Wedding)
  12. Eesti Waltz (Estonian Waltz)
  13. Alletamine ja sarve- ning torupilli lugu (Humming, Horn and Bagpipe Song)
  14. Pensées de vie (Thoughts of Life’)
  15. Pensée Musicale (‘Musical Thought’)
  16. Marche de Fête (Festival March’)
  17. Walzerstimmung (Waltz Mood)
  18. Andantino in A major
  19. Albumi leht (‘Album Leaf’)
  20. Allegretto in F major
  21. Kadund Kinnas (‘Lost Glove’)
  22. Concert-Étude in C major
  23. Traurig und freudig (‘Sad and Happy’)
  24. Kolm karakterpala (‘Three Characteristic Pieces’)

  25. Kolm karakterpala: No. 1, Per aspera ad astra
  26. Kolm karakterpala: No. 2, In hilaritate
  27. Kolm karakterpala: No. 3, Polca futura



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