Helen Hopekirk: Piano Music

Catalogue No: TOCC0430
EAN/UPC: 5060113444301
Release Date: 2017-08-01
Composer: Helen Hopekirk
Artists: Gary Steigerwalt

The Scottish musician Helen Hopekirk (1856–1945), regarded as one of the major concert pianists of her generation, also made a lasting contribution as a piano teacher in Boston after her emigration in 1897. As a composer, she forged an intriguing path by turning to the music of her native country as the wellspring of her creativity: the early pieces can sound like Brahms in the Highlands, and her later works marry Debussyan Impressionism with Hebridean folk-music, to evocative, touching and exhilarating effect.

Gary Steigerwalt, piano

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    Iona Memories (1902–7)

  1. Iona Memories: I Wandering
  2. Iona Memories: II Cronan: A Hushing Song
  3. Iona Memories: III In the Ruins
  4. Iona Memories: IV A Twilight Tale
  5. Romance in A minor (1885)

  6. Romance in A minor
  7. Serenade in F sharp major (1891)

  8. Serenade in F sharp major
  9. Five Scottish Folksongs (1919)

  10. Five Scottish Folksongs: No. 1 Land o? the Leal
  11. Five Scottish Folksongs: No. 2 Turn ye to me
  12. Five Scottish Folksongs: No. 5 Eilidh Bhan
  13. Sundown (1905)

  14. Sundown
  15. Serenata Suite (1918)

  16. Serenata Suite: I Maestoso
  17. Suite for Piano (1917)

  18. Suite for Piano: I Sarabande
  19. Suite for Piano: II Minuet
  20. Suite for Piano: III Air
  21. Waltz in F sharp major (c. 1915–20)

  22. Waltz in F sharp major
  23. Two Compositions for Piano (1924)

  24. Two Compositions for Piano: No. 1, Shadows
  25. Robin Good-Fellow (1922)

  26. Robin Good-Fellow
  27. Two Tone-Pictures (1929–30)

  28. Two Tone-Pictures: No. 1, Dance to Your Shadow
  29. Two Tone-Pictures: No. 2, The Seal-woman’s Sea-joy

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    ‘I have really enjoyed listening to this CD, obviously because of the music but also because the performances and recording are so fine, and are accompanied by an encyclopaedic booklet written by the pianist Gary Steigerwalt and his wife, Dana Muller.’

    —Jim Westhead, MusicWeb International

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