Helen Hopekirk: Piano Music


Catalogue No: TOCC0430
EAN/UPC: 5060113444301
Release Date: 01.08.2017
Composer: Helen Hopekirk
Artists: Gary Steigerwalt

The Scottish musician Helen Hopekirk (1856–1945), regarded as one of the major concert pianists of her generation, also made a lasting contribution as a piano teacher in Boston after her emigration in 1897. As a composer, she forged an intriguing path by turning to the music of her native country as the wellspring of her creativity: the early pieces can sound like Brahms in the Highlands, and her later works marry Debussyan Impressionism with Hebridean folk-music, to evocative, touching and exhilarating effect.

Gary Steigerwalt, piano

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    Iona Memories (1902–7)

  1. Iona Memories: I Wandering
  2. Iona Memories: II Cronan: A Hushing Song
  3. Iona Memories: III In the Ruins
  4. Iona Memories: IV A Twilight Tale
  5. Romance in A minor (1885)

  6. Romance in A minor
  7. Serenade in F sharp major (1891)

  8. Serenade in F sharp major
  9. Five Scottish Folksongs (1919)

  10. Five Scottish Folksongs: No. 1 Land o? the Leal
  11. Five Scottish Folksongs: No. 2 Turn ye to me
  12. Five Scottish Folksongs: No. 5 Eilidh Bhan
  13. Sundown (1905)

  14. Sundown
  15. Serenata Suite (1918)

  16. Serenata Suite: I Maestoso
  17. Suite for Piano (1917)

  18. Suite for Piano: I Sarabande
  19. Suite for Piano: II Minuet
  20. Suite for Piano: III Air
  21. Waltz in F sharp major (c. 1915–20)

  22. Waltz in F sharp major
  23. Two Compositions for Piano (1924)

  24. Two Compositions for Piano: No. 1, Shadows
  25. Robin Good-Fellow (1922)

  26. Robin Good-Fellow
  27. Two Tone-Pictures (1929–30)

  28. Two Tone-Pictures: No. 1, Dance to Your Shadow
  29. Two Tone-Pictures: No. 2, The Seal-woman’s Sea-joy

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