John Worgan: Complete Harpsichord Music


Catalogue No: TOCC0375
EAN/UPC: 5060113443755
Release Date: 05.03.2021
Composer: John Worgan
Artists: Julian Perkins, Timothy Roberts

The organist and harpsichordist John Worgan (1724–90) was one of the most highly respected musicians in the London of his day: Handel admired his playing, and Burney described him as ‘very masterly and learned’. All that survives of his harpsichord music are a ‘New Concerto’, an independent Allegro non tanto and two collections, one of six sonatas and the other of thirteen teaching pieces, but they encompass an eclectic variety of styles and a surprising range of emotions – proud, spirited, witty, impulsive, touching, vivacious – making Worgan sound something like an English Domenico Scarlatti.

Julian Perkins, double-manual harpsichord from the workshop of Jacobus Kirckman, 1772 (Tracks 1–15, 29–31)
Timothy Roberts, double-manual harpsichord by Klaus Ahrend, 1973, after Dulcken (Tracks 16–28)

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    Allegro non tanto in D minor (publ. c. 1795)

  1. Allegro non tanto in D minor
  2. Six Sonatas for the Harpsichord (publ. 1769)
    Sonata I in G major

  3. I Allegro
  4. II Largo
  5. III Presto
  6. Sonata II in C major

  7. I Spiritoso
  8. II Air: Affetuoso e dolce
  9. III Spiritoso
  10. Sonata III in F major

  11. I Andante amoroso
  12. II Presto
  13. III Minuet Affettuoso
  14. Sonata IV in B flat major

  15. I Allegro
  16. II Bizzaria: Affettuoso – Allegro – Affettuoso – Allegro
  17. Sonata V in E flat major

  18. I Larghetto
  19. II A Tempo di Gavott
  20. Sonata VI in D major

  21. Sarabande with Variations
  22. Pieces for the Harpsichord, composed purposely for forming the Hands of Young Pupils to that Instrument (1780)

  23. Allegro in C major
  24. Vivace in C major
  25. Allegro in G major
  26. Tempo di Minuetto in G major
  27. Allegro in D major
  28. Gavot in D major
  29. Allegro di spirito in F major
  30. Andante in F major
  31. Tempo giusto e Moderato in B flat major
  32. Allegro Moderato in E flat major
  33. Allegro comodo in A major
  34. Larghetto Affetuoso e Cantabile in A major
  35. Allegro moderato in A major
  36. A New Concerto for the Harpsichord in G major (publ. 1785)

  37. I Allegro
  38. II Larghetto
  39. III Minuet



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