John Worgan: Complete Harpsichord Music

Catalogue No: TOCC0375
EAN/UPC: 5060113443755
Release Date: 2021-03-05
Composer: John Worgan
Artists: Julian Perkins, Timothy Roberts

The organist and harpsichordist John Worgan (1724–90) was one of the most highly respected musicians in the London of his day: Handel admired his playing, and Burney described him as ‘very masterly and learned’. All that survives of his harpsichord music are a ‘New Concerto’, an independent Allegro non tanto and two collections, one of six sonatas and the other of thirteen teaching pieces, but they encompass an eclectic variety of styles and a surprising range of emotions – proud, spirited, witty, impulsive, touching, vivacious – making Worgan sound something like an English Domenico Scarlatti.

Julian Perkins, double-manual harpsichord from the workshop of Jacobus Kirckman, 1772 (Tracks 1–15, 29–31)
Timothy Roberts, double-manual harpsichord by Klaus Ahrend, 1973, after Dulcken (Tracks 16–28)

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    Allegro non tanto in D minor (publ. c. 1795)

  1. Allegro non tanto in D minor
  2. Six Sonatas for the Harpsichord (publ. 1769)
    Sonata I in G major

  3. I Allegro
  4. II Largo
  5. III Presto
  6. Sonata II in C major

  7. I Spiritoso
  8. II Air: Affetuoso e dolce
  9. III Spiritoso
  10. Sonata III in F major

  11. I Andante amoroso
  12. II Presto
  13. III Minuet Affettuoso
  14. Sonata IV in B flat major

  15. I Allegro
  16. II Bizzaria: Affettuoso – Allegro – Affettuoso – Allegro
  17. Sonata V in E flat major

  18. I Larghetto
  19. II A Tempo di Gavott
  20. Sonata VI in D major

  21. Sarabande with Variations
  22. Pieces for the Harpsichord, composed purposely for forming the Hands of Young Pupils to that Instrument (1780)

  23. Allegro in C major
  24. Vivace in C major
  25. Allegro in G major
  26. Tempo di Minuetto in G major
  27. Allegro in D major
  28. Gavot in D major
  29. Allegro di spirito in F major
  30. Andante in F major
  31. Tempo giusto e Moderato in B flat major
  32. Allegro Moderato in E flat major
  33. Allegro comodo in A major
  34. Larghetto Affetuoso e Cantabile in A major
  35. Allegro moderato in A major
  36. A New Concerto for the Harpsichord in G major (publ. 1785)

  37. I Allegro
  38. II Larghetto
  39. III Minuet


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  1. :

    ‘he [John Worgan] was well known to Handel, who much admired his playing, and to Charles Burney who termed him ‘very masterly and learned’. […]

    Roberts plays on a Klaus Ahrend double-manual instrument from 1973 (after Dulcken) whilst Perkins uses a harpsichord from the workshop of Jacobus Kirckman of 1772. Both sound excellent and have been splendidly recorded in two different churches.

    Both instrumentalists contribute to the full and engaging booklet notes.

    Worgan may not have tilled new soil, nor are his keyboard works especially grandiose or ambitious. But they have real character and a sense of personality, they cover a wide array of moods and are splendidly brought to life here in all their wit and charm.’

    —Jonathan Woolf, MusicWeb International

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