In Handel’s Shadow: Vocal Music by his Rivals in 18th-Century London

Catalogue No: TOCN0018
EAN/UPC: 5060640070189
Release Date: 2023-09-15
Composer: Elisabetta de Gambarini, Henry Carey, Jeremiah Clarke, Johann Ernst Galliard, John Blow, Maurice Greene
Artists: Lux et Umbrae

The figure of George Frideric Handel cast a long shadow over musical London in the first half of the eighteenth century, condemning many of his contemporaries – fine composers themselves – to long years of obscurity. This recording throws light into forgotten corners and discovers some glittering gems, some of them demanding dazzling vocal fireworks from their performers. Several of these composers set scenes from Classical mythology or Old Testament narratives – but they also explore the underside of the Baroque psyche in one of David’s darkest psalms and in a representation of Arcadian madness.

Lux et Umbrae
Robert Crowe, soprano and artistic director
Annette Fischer, soprano
Julia Nilsen-Savage, cello
Sigrun Richter, archlute
Michael Eberth, harpsichord

Johann Ernst Galliard (1666/87-1747)
The Hymn of Adam and Eve (publ. 1728)* (22:22)

  1. Recit: These are Thy glorious Works (1:22)
  2. Duet: And with Songs and Choral Symphonies (1:44)
  3. Recit.: Fairest of the Stars, last in the Train of Night (0:29)
  4. Aria: Praise him in thy Spheare (0:53)
  5. Recit.:Thou Sun of the great World (0:21)
  6. Aria: Sound his Praise in thy Eternal Course (2:03)
  7. Recit.: Moon, that now meet’st the Orient Sun (0:35)
  8. Aria: Resound his Praise (0:42)
  9. Recit.: Air, and ye Elements (0:41)
  10. Aria: Let your ceaseless Change (1:24)
  11. Recit.: Ye Mists, and Exhalations (0:52)
  12. Aria: Rising or Falling, still advance his Praise (1:07)
  13. Recit.: His Praise, ye Winds (0:53)
  14. Aria: in Sign of Worship wave (1:36)
  15. Recit: Fountains, and ye, that warble (0:16)
  16. Aria: warbling tune his Praise (1:09)
  17. Duet: Joyn Voices, all ye living Souls (2:04)
  18. Duet: Ye that in Waters glide (1:23)
  19. Duet: Hail! Universal Lord (0:41)
  20. Duet: Disperce it (2:07)

Jeremiah Clarke (1674-1707) arr. Richard John Samuel Stevens (1757-1837)
Psalm 13: How long wilt Thou forget me?*
from Sacred Music, Vol. 2 (publ. 1801)

  1. Aria, Largo Andante: ‘How long wilt Thou forget me?’ (3:23)
  2. Recit., Slow: ‘Let mine enemy say’ (1:05)
  3. Aria, Andante: ‘But my truth is in thy mercy’ (1:40)

Maurice Greene (1969-1755)

  1. Orpheus with his Lute from A Cantata and 4 English Songs (publ. 1745/46) (4:37)

Elisabetta de Gambarini (1730-65)

  1. Behold and listen* from Lessons for the Harpsichord, intermix’d with Italian and English Songs (publ. 1748) (4:67)

Johann Ernst Galliard
Apollo and Daphne* From Six English Cantas after the Italian Manner (publ. 1716) (9:54)

  1. Recit.: ‘Daphne, the beautyfull, the Coy’ (1:05)
  2. Aria, Largo and Affetuoso: ‘Turn thee, Leave thy trembling fear!’
  3. Recit.: ‘The River’s Ecchoing Banks’ (0:57)
  4. Aria, Presto: ‘Father Peneus’ (1:55)
  5. Recit.: ‘Apollo wond’ring stodd’ (0:53)
  6. Aria, Andante: ‘Nature alone can Love inspire’ (1:51)

Henry Carey (c. 1688-1743)
Cantata: ‘I go to the Elisian Shade’ (a Mad Song)* from Cantatas for a Voice with Accompanyment (publ. 1724)(8:39)

  1. Recit.: ‘I go to the Elisian Shade’ (1:04)
  2. Aria: Allegro, ‘I fly from Celia’s cold disdain’ (0:46)
  3. Recit.: ‘Her Eyes are Brighter’ (0:43)
  4. Aria: Lento, ‘See yonder River’s flowing Tide’ (0:49)
  5. Recit.: ‘There have I wept’ (1:07)
  6. Aria: Affettuoso – Vivace – Presstissimo: ‘Pity my Pains, ye gentle Swains’ (1:39)
  7. Recit.: ‘Where Yelling and Howling and Grumbling and Growling’ (1:26)
  8. Aria: ‘To some Peaceful Plain convey me’ (1:05)

John Blow (1649-1708)

  1. Prelude in A minor (c. 1700) (3:00)

Maurice Greene arr. Richard John Samuel Stevens
Psalm 119: Blessed are those that are undefiled* from Sacred Music, Vol. 2 (publ. 1801) (5:51)

  1. Duet: Largo, ‘Blessed are those that are undefiled’ (1:18)
  2. Recit.: ‘Thou hast Charged’ (0:26)
  3. Aria: Andante, ‘O that my ways were made so direct’ (1:53)
  4. Duetto: Vivace, ‘Then will I talk of Thy Commandments’ (2:14)

*First Recordings


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