George Frideric Handel: The ‘Amen, Alleluia’ Arias

Over a period of some twenty years, from the late 1720s, Handel composed a series of virtuoso arias using only the words ‘Amen’ and ‘Allelujah’ as his texts, probably for use in private worship. Here they receive their first recordings, set in a context of contemporary sacred song and instrumental music – and are heard in the extraordinarily dramatic timbres of a male-soprano voice.

Robert Crowe, soprano (Tracks 1, 3–6, 10–12, 14, 17, 19, 21, 22)
II Furioso
Victor Coelho, theorbo (Tracks 1, 3–9, 11, 12, 19, 21, 22)
David Dolata, theorbo (Tracks 1-6, 11–13, 19–22)
Juvenal Correa-Salas, organ


Catalogue No: TOCC0337
EAN/UPC: 5060113443373
Release Date: 01.05.2017
Composer: George Frideric Handel
Artists: David Dolata, Il Furioso, Juvenal Correa-Salas, Robert Crowe, Victor Coelho

Listen To This Recording:

  1. Amen No. 1 in F major, HWV 270
  2. Sonata Nona in D minor (1669), II. [Andante]
  3. A Hymn on Divine Musick (1700)
  4. Amen, Alleluja No. 5 in G major, HWV 273
  5. Amen No. 2 in G minor, HWV 271
  6. Amen, Alleluja No. 6 in A minor, HWV 274
  7. Sonata Decima in G major (1669), I. Grave
  8. Sonata Decima in G major (1669), II. Allegro
  9. Sonata Decima in G major (1669), III. Allegro
  10. Amen, Alleluja No. 7 in F major, HWV 276
  11. A Divine Song on the Passion of our Saviour (1693)
  12. Amen, Alleluja No. 9 in D minor, HWV 269
  13. Sonata Nona in D minor (1669), I. [Andante]
  14. Hallelujah! Amen No. 8 in F major, HWV 277
  15. Pieces from The Braamcamp Handel-Clay Clock (c. 1738); Minuet [HWV436]
  16. Pieces from The Braamcamp Handel-Clay Clock (c. 1738); Variation [HWV436]
  17. A Divine Hymn (1703)
  18. Sixth Air (from The Braamcamp Handel-Clay Clock, c. 1738)
  19. Amen, Alleluja No. 4 in D minor, HWV 272
  20. Sonata Undecima in A minor (1669), III. [Andante]
  21. [Amen, Alleluja] No. 3 in C major, HWV 275
  22. Amen No. 1 in F major, HWV 270 (ornamented version)


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