Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst: Complete Works, Volume Six

Catalogue No: TOCC0311
EAN/UPC: 5060113443113
Release Date: 2019-07-01
Composer: Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst
Artists: Ian Hobson, Sherban Lupu, Yvonne Redman

Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst (1812–65) was one of the leading musicians of his day, a friend of Berlioz, Chopin, Liszt and Mendelssohn, and for Joseph Joachim ‘the greatest violinist I ever heard’. This sixth album – in a series of seven presenting all his compositions for the first time – begins and ends with some of the most difficult music for solo violin ever composed: Ernst’s Six Polyphonic Studies and his transcription of Schubert’s song, Der Erlkönig. Between them comes less familiar fare: five Schubertian piano pieces, and two settings of Goethe.

Sherban Lupu, violin Tracks 1-12, 20
Yvonne Redman, soprano Tracks 18-19
Ian Hobson, piano Tracks 13-19

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    Études pour le Violon à plusieurs parties (Sechs mehrstimmige Studien für Violine. Gruss an Freunde und Kunstbrüder) (1864)

  1. Étude I
  2. Étude II
  3. Étude III
  4. Étude IV
  5. Étude V
  6. Étude VI Einleitung
  7. Étude VI: Thema
  8. Étude VI Variation I
  9. Étude VI Variation II
  10. Étude VI Variation III
  11. Étude VI Variation IV
  12. Étude VI Finale
  13. Trois Valses non dansantes pour le Piano-forte (c. 1838)

  14. No. 1 in A major*
  15. No. 2 in A flat minor*
  16. No. 3 in D flat major
  17. Romanze: An Madam Clara Schuman (1842)*
  18. Nocturne Posthume in A flat major (1864)*
  19. Two Goethe Settings*

  20. Lebet Wohl (before 1843)
  21. Der Fischer (c. 1830)
  22. Grand Caprice. Solo pour Violon sur Le Roi des Aulnes de F. Schubert, Op. 26 (1842)


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  1. :

    ‘The Toccata label is seeking to represent the whole oeuvre of this little-known but not insignificant composer (1812-65). Here are first recordings of five piano pieces and two Goethe settings, but the framing main attractions are the six Etudes pour le violon à plusieurs parties and the Grand Caprice, for violin solo, on Schubert’s Erlking. The new sophistication to which Ernst brings double-stopping and single-violin polyphony is mesmerising.’

    —Paul Driver, The Sunday Times

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