François Couperin: Music For Two Harpsichords, Volume Two

François Couperin published two collections of chamber music – the Concerts Royaux in 1722 and Les Nations in 1726 – in what today would be called open scoring, so that they could be performed by whatever instruments were to hand. But he confessed in the preface to a later publication that he himself preferred to perform them on two harpsichords, although that suggestion had to wait for this series of two albums to be taken up in recordings. Here Les Nations and movements from the Concerts Royaux are presented with a number of his Pièces de clavecin, also in rarely heard realisations for two harpsichords.

Emer Buckley and Jochewed Schwarz, harsichords


Catalogue No: TOCC0258
EAN/UPC: 5060113442581
Release Date: 01.08.2016
Composer: François Couperin
Artists: Emer Buckley, Jochewed Schwarz

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    Concerts Royaux, Quatrieme Concert:

  1. No. X Forlane, Rondeau
  2. Les Nations, Premier Ordre: La Francoise:

  3. I Gravement – Gayement – Rondement – Gayement – Gravement
  4. II Allemande. Sans lenteur
  5. III Premiere Courante. Noblement
  6. IV Seconde Courante. Un peu plus viste
  7. V Sarabande. Gravement
  8. VI Gigue. Gayement
  9. VII Chaconne ou Passacaille. Moderement – Vif, et marque
  10. VIII Gavotte
  11. IX Menuet
  12. Pieces de Clavecin

  13. second livre, Neuvieme Ordre: I Allemande a deux Clavecins
  14. troisieme livre, Quinzieme Ordre: IV Musete de Choisi
  15. troisieme livre, Quinzieme Ordre: V Musete de Taverni
  16. Les Nations, Troisieme Ordre: L’Imperiale:

  17. I Gravement – Vivement et marque – Gravement, et marque
  18. II Allemande. Sans lenteur
  19. III Courante
  20. IV Seconde Courante. Plus marquee
  21. V Sarabande. Tendrement
  22. VI Bouree. Gayement
  23. VII Gigue. D’une legerete moderee
  24. VII Rondeau. Gayement
  25. VII Chaconne
  26. VIII Menuet


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