Georg von Bertouch: Trio Sonatas and pieces from The Music Book of Jacob Mestmacher

Catalogue No: TOCC0006
EAN/UPC: 5060113440068
Release Date: 2005-02-06
Composer: Georg von Bertouch
Artists: Bergen Barokk

Georg von Bertouch (1668–1743) was a man of action, quite literally: he took part in no fewer than 22 battles, and ended his career as commandant of Akershus Castle, which still overlooks the harbour in Oslo – the portrait on the cover of this CD was photographed in the office of the present-day commandant. But Bertouch, a German-born Norwegian, was also one of the leading composers of the day, corresponding with Bach and other prominent musicians. His music reveals a knowledge of Corelli and other contemporary developments, but retains a fresh, almost innocent, spontaneity with an infectious appeal. Here it is interspersed with dances and airs used in domestic music-making in Baroque Bergen.

Bergen Barokk

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    Sonata No. 8 in G major (1738)

  1. I. Vivace
  2. II. Adagio
  3. III. Andante
  4. Pieces from the Music-Book of Jacob Mestmacher

  5. March (No. 106)
  6. Aria (No. 248, with variations by Bergen Barokk)
  7. Sonata No. 15 in F minor

  8. I. Canona Allegro
  9. II. Adagio
  10. III. Andante
  11. Pieces from the Music-Book of Jacob Mestmacher

  12. Paspie de la Compertanje (No. 75)
  13. Sonata No. 11 in F major

  14. I. Vivace
  15. II. Allegro
  16. III. Adagio
  17. IV. Allegro
  18. Pieces from the Music-Book of Jacob Mestmacher

  19. Menuetto (No. 13)
  20. Gavotte Alternativement (No. 53)
  21. Sonata No. 21 in B flat minor

  22. I. Andante
  23. II. Vivace
  24. III. Adagio
  25. IV. [Allegro]
  26. Sontata No. 17 in E flat major

  27. I. Largo
  28. II. Andante
  29. Sonata No. 12 in D minor

  30. I. Andante
  31. II. Adagio
  32. III. Allegro
  33. IV. Allegro
  34. Pieces from the Music-Book of Jacob Mestmacher

  35. Allegro et Trio (No. 166)
  36. Sonata No. 14 in G minor

  37. I. Largo
  38. II. Andante
  39. III. Adagio
  40. IV. Vivace

5 reviews for Georg von Bertouch: Trio Sonatas and pieces from The Music Book of Jacob Mestmacher

  1. :

    ‘These delightful trio sonatas by Georg von Bertouch (1668-1743), interspersed with pieces from “The Music-Book of Jacob Mestmacher”, tumble blinking into the light courtesy of Toccata Classics…The performances overall are first-rate … Given that Bertouch will be totally unfamiliar to all but a few listeners, the extensive booklet notes provide essential historical and musicological information. A welcome release from an important independent label.’

    —William Yeoman, Classical Source

  2. :

    ‘Bertouch’s sonatas are charming and, often, cleverly wrought. Bergen Barokk plays them persuasively, ringing the instrumental changes from a pair of violins, recorder, transverse flute, and obbligato gamba and harpsichord.…In all, a welcome and revealing collection of first recordings.’

    BBC Music Magazine

  3. :

    ‘this collection, beautifully played by Bergen Barokk, and with a spendidly clear recorded sound, […] allows us to discover a little-known repertoire and fill another historical gap in our ever-expanding knowledge of the music of this period.’

    International Record Review

  4. :

    ‘Baroque enthusiasts should be delighted to discover the music of Georg von Bertouch…’

    —Patric Standford, Music & Vision

  5. :

    ‘I have enjoyed this recording a lot, not only because of the music, which is anything but dull, but also because of the performance. Bergen Barokk plays this repertoire with great imagination, […]. There is some excellent ensemble playing here […]

    I wholeheartedly recommend this disc, as it is musically highly entertaining and historically very interesting. ‘

    —Johan van Veen, MusicWeb International

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