¡Colombia Viva! Volume Two

With this second volume of ¡Colombia Viva! – a series capable of infinite expansion, as is indeed intended – Mauricio Arias-Esguerra embarks on another lightning tour of the recent piano music of his native country, displaying the wide variety of styles on offer there, from atmospheric modernism to catchy folk dances, a recurrent element being striking rhythmic vivacity.

Mauricio Arias-Esguerra, piano

Mauricio Arias-Esguerra

  1. Improvisación No. 1, ‘Recuerdos’ (2022) (3:26)

Juan Domingo Córdoba

  1. Pasillo de concierto in F Major (2006) (3:12)

Catalina Peralta

  1. Solo de piano I (1990, rev. 2014) (3:12)
  2. Solo de piano II (1990, rev. 2014) (2:11)

Mauricio Arias-Esguerra

  1. Improvisación No. 2, ‘Criatura en movimiento’ (2022) (1:24)

Pedro Sarmiento

  1. Sarta para piano (2019) (8:46)

Juan Domingo Córdoba

  1. Pasillo fiestero, El Intachable (ca. 2001) (2:46)

Carolina Noguera

  1. Danzas Fugitivas (2020) (8:42)

Amparo Ángel

  1. Preludio para piano No. 6, ‘Franz Liszt, homenaje a Chopin’ (2021) (9:13)

Pedro Felipe Ramírez

  1. Los siete juegos de Agustín (2022) (7:33)

Mauricio Arias-Esguerra

  1. Improvisación No. 3, ‘Petit hommage à Cowell’ (2022) (1:33)

Pacho Casas
Tres Reflexiones (2015) (7:40)

  1. I. Búsqueda (2:42)
  2. II. Introspección (2:50)
  3. III. Decisión (2:08)

Juan Antonio Cuéllar
Three Encores in C (2022) (7:09)

  1. I. Preludio (2:26)
  2. II. Fiesta (2:43)
  3. III. Joruco (1:50)

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2 reviews for ¡Colombia Viva! Volume Two

  1. :

    ‘[Franz Liszt, homenaje a Chopin] is very lyrical, quite tender at times, and is lovingly performed.

    Everything here is a world premiere recording, and everything is worth the attention of anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of contemporary piano music. As is usual with Toccata, the program notes are very helpful, and the recorded sound is clear and natural.’

    —Henry Fogel, Fanfare Magazine, Jan/Feb 2024

  2. :

    ‘All of these brief works exude character, and Arias-Esguerra plays them with an irresistible commitment, dynamism, and brilliant technique. The intensity of the pianist’s approach is heightened by a rather close mike perspective that I did not find objectionable. Recommended, especially to the adventurous musical traveler.’

    —Ken Meltzer, Fanfare Magazine, February 2024

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