The Cardinal King: Music for Henry Benedict Stuart in Rome, 1740-91

The music recorded on this album presents for the first time the hitherto forgotten repertoire composed by the many musicians associated with, and employed by, Cardinal Henry Benedict Stuart (1725–1807), a grandson of King James II of England and VII of Scotland, the brother of ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie’, and the last in the direct line of Jacobite succession. Sitting on the cusp of the Baroque and the Classical, these pieces likewise tread a delicate path between innocence and grandeur, between charm and formality, and suggest that the Cardinal, for all his power, may have been a rather gentle man.

Cappella Fede
Harmonia Sacra (Tracks 10, 17)
Peter Leech, director


Catalogue No: TOCC0300
EAN/UPC: 5060113443007
Release Date: 01.12.2016
Composer: Carlo Tessarini, Giovanni Battista Costanzi, Giovanni Zamboni, Niccolò Jommelli, Sebastiano Bolis
Artists: Cappella Fede, Harmonia Sacra, Peter Leech

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    SEBASTIANO BOLIS (c. 1750–1804)
    Cinque Assoluzzione: Nos. 1, 2 and 5

  1. Assoluzzione Prima: ‘Subvenite sancti’ (c. 1780)
  2. Assoluzzione Seconda: ‘Qui Lazzarum resuscitasti’ (c. 1780)
  3. Assoluzzione Quinta: ‘Libera me Domine’ (c. 1780)
  4. Jesu quaeritis Nazarenum (1789)
  5. GIOVANNI ZAMBONI (fl. c. 1740–60)

  6. Splende fredda luna (c. 1755)*
  7. O memorie funeste (c. 1755)*

  9. Ave Maria (c. 1750)

  11. O come se’ gentile (c. 1755)*
  12. BOLIS

  13. Laudate pueri Dominum (1791)
  14. Miserere (1790)
  15. CARLO TESSARINI (1690–1766)
    Allettamento Terzo (1740)

  16. I Adagio
  17. II Allegro
  18. III Allegro
  19. NICCOLÒ JOMMELLI (1714–74)

  20. Oculi omnium (c. 1750)

  22. Allettamento Secondo: II Andante (1740)*

  24. Feritevi, ferite (c. 1755)*
  25. BOLIS

  26. Letanie della Madonna Santissima (1785)

All Except * First Recordings


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