Martin’s Sponsored Slim Progress Report: October 13, 2016

I’ve been meaning to report back on the progress of the Sponsored Slim for a couple of weeks but hadn’t managed to get near a set of scales in the meantime. I finally managed it yesterday and can report that I have now reached 345 lbs. Since I started out at 363 lbs on 1 September, that means I’ve lost only 18 lbs in six weeks, but I guess when you consider that it is 5% of my total initial weight, it’s not too bad.

Even if it’s not as much as I had been hoping (I’ll need to step up the exercise), I do feel a lot better and am moving more easily: I’ve been coasting along on 1,000–1,500 calories a day, but making sure that I keep up the intake of healthy foods, so that my stomach doesn’t feel it is being martyred. And I’ve not had a drop of alcohol since August, and don’t intend to before 2017.

You might like to know that by this point we have 137 donors who have pledged a total of £316.37 per lb lost. I am enormously grateful to all of them for their support, and if everyone could share, tweet and otherwise pass around about the Sponsored Slim it could help improve its effectiveness many times over: why waste an ounce of good Scots belly that could be helping music?


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