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The Music of Alphons Diepenbrock – A Discovery for Many

Sometimes one has the impression of having been forced by fate to write a book, to start a research, to accept a commission or venture… 

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Why We Mustn’t Forget Gideon Klein: Music Triumphing in Adversity

The narrative seems to have all the ingredients of a tragic, if not epic, film. The young genius, his potential cruelly crushed by an evil… 

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‘Long Memories’: The Diary of an Unfolding Project for Toccata Press – First Stop: Lithuania

‘Long Memories’ – the original idea for a book of interviews with senior composers came as the result of meeting and working with two very… 

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Support Martin’s Sponsored Slim

My mum has been nagging me for years about losing weight, and I promised my partner Yodit, just before she died last year, that I… 

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Svetik, My Hair and I

My contribution to Svetik – the opening section, ‘Three Sisters’ – deals with Sviatoslav Richter’s relationship to his mother and her sister (Dagmar von Reincke,… 

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First Posting to the Toccata Blog: Opening-up Classical Music

Welcome to the first posting on my new blog. Quick introduction for those who don’t know me: I run the CD label Toccata Classics and… 

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