William Wordsworth: Complete Music for Solo Piano

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Catalogue No: TOCC0697
EAN/UPC: 5060113446978
Release Date: 2023-09-01
Composer: William Wordsworth
Artists: Christopher Guild

The reputation of the Anglo-Scottish composer William Wordsworth (1908–88), great-great-grandnephew of the poet, has recently been restored by a series of Toccata Classics albums of his orchestral music. His piano music, too, was poorly known before now, none of it recorded since a handful of pieces appeared on LP 60 years ago – though his epic Piano Sonata is a work of major importance. This first ever complete recording reveals an honest, unfussy approach to the keyboard akin to that of two other major symphonists, Sibelius and Rubbra: like them, Wordsworth’s primary concern seems to have been the expression of deep feeling – which makes the gentle story-telling of his miniatures for children all the more surprising.

Christopher Guild, piano

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Piano Sonata in D Minor, Op. 13 (1938-39) (27:04)

  1. I. Maestoso (13:21)
  2. II. Largamente e calmato – (6:13)
  3. III. Allegro molto – Poco adagio – Tempo I (7:30)

Three Pieces for Piano* (10:35)

  1. Prelude (1932) (4:40)
  2. Scherzo (undated) (2:04)
  3. Rhapsody (spring 1934) (3:51)

Cheesecombe Suite, Op. 27 (1945) (13:18)

  1. I. Prelude (4:35)
  2. II. Scherzo (1:34)
  3. III. Nocturne (4:58)
  4. IV. Fughetta (2:11)
  5. Ballade, Op. 41 (1949) (7:55)
  6. A Tale from Long Ago (publ. 1952)* (1:48)
  7. March of the Giants (publ. 1952)* (1:16)
  8. Ding Dong Bell (publ. 1952)* (1:19)
  9. Snowflakes (publ. 1952)* (1:38)
  10. Fireside Story (publ. 1952)* (2:28)
  11. Bedtime (Six O’Clock) (publ. 1952)* (1:13)
  12. Bedtime Story (publ. 1952)* (1:25)
  13. Hornpipe (publ. 1952)* (1:03)
  14. Valediction, Op. 82 (1967)* (10:00)

*First Recordings

2 reviews for William Wordsworth: Complete Music for Solo Piano

  1. :

    ‘The pianist gives a remarkable performance of this outstanding repertoire. He brings clarity, enthusiasm and commitment to the music. This is especially so in the immense sweep of the Piano Sonata: he imbues it with a massively consistent romantic breadth. The recording is first-rate.’

    —John France, MusicWeb International

  2. :

    Already a highlight of the year. Fully committed performances of highly original music. Wrongfully neglected as so much of the Toccata catalogue. The only regret is that Wordsworth hasn’t written more for the instrument.

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