Mieczysław Weinberg: Complete Songs, Volume One


Catalogue No: TOCC0078
EAN/UPC: 5060113440785
Release Date: 12.10.2008
Composer: Mieczysław Weinberg
Artists: Dmitry Korostelyov, Olga Kalugina, Svetlana Nikolaeva

Mieczysław Weinberg (1919-96), the Polish-born composer who spent most of his life in the Soviet Union, was a close friend of Shostakovich, with whose musical language his own has much in common. Weinberg's vast output includes 26 symphonies, seventeen string quartets and some 200 songs. The three song-cycles recorded here date from across Weinberg's career. They demonstrate his extraordinary ability to create atmosphere, often from just a handful of notes, and encompass a wide range of emotion, from wartime suffering, through playfulness and protest, to maternal love.

Olga Kalugina, soprano
Svetlana Nikolaeva, mezzo soprano
Dmitry Korostelyov, piano

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    Children’s Songs, Op. 13, for soprano and piano, to poems of Itzhok Lejb Perez (1943)

  1. No. 1, Introduction
  2. No. 2, The Bread Roll
  3. No. 3, Cradle Song
  4. No. 4, The Hunter
  5. No. 5, On the Green Mountainside
  6. No. 6, Grief (The Orphan’s Letter) attacca Coda
  7. Beyond the Border of Past Days, Op. 50: Song-cycle for mezzo soprano and piano, to poems of Alexander Blok (1943)

  8. No. 1, Dedication
  9. No. 2, War burns indomitably
  10. No. 3, What for?
  11. No. 4, Much has fallen silent
  12. No. 5, The poor ignoramuses laughed
  13. No. 6, A Spring Evening
  14. No. 7, In the Twilight
  15. No. 8, Someone was sighing at the grave
  16. No. 9, A Voice
  17. No. 10, Memory
  18. Rocking the Child, Op. 110: Song cycle to poems of Gabriela Mistral (1943)

  19. No. 1, The child was left alone
  20. No. 2, And I am not alone
  21. No. 3, Little feet, little hands
  22. No. 4, Rocking the cradle
  23. No. 5, Night
  24. No. 6, A sorrowful mother
  25. No. 7, The dew
  26. No. 8, Meekness
  27. No. 9, Fear
  28. No. 10, A discovery
  29. No. 11, My song


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