Steve Elcock: Chamber Music, Volume One


Catalogue No: TOCC0506
EAN/UPC: 5060113445063
Release Date: 01.12.2018
Composer: Steve Elcock
Artists: Catalina Ardelean, Daniel Shao, Leon Bosch, Peter Cigleris, The Veles Ensemble, Yuri Kalnits

The English composer Steve Elcock (b. 1957) spent years writing music without ever expecting it to be heard. The works on this first album of his chamber music show contrasting aspects of his style: the Clarinet Sextet and The Shed Dances are immediately appealing in their melodiousness, harmonic language and mischievous sense of humour, whereas the String Trio No. 1, with its stark juxtaposition of contrasts, and the sextet An Outstretched Hand, which treads a fine line between grief and consolation, both offer powerful comment on our troubled 21st century.

The Veles Ensemble
Daniel Shao, flute (Track 11)
Peter Cigleris, clarinet (Tracks 1–3, 5–11)
Yuri Kalnits, violin (Tracks 1–3)
Leon Bosch, double bass (Tracks 1–3)
Catalina Ardelean, piano (Track 11)

Listen To This Recording:

    Clarinet Sextet, Op. 11b, for clarinet and string quintet (2001/2014)

  1. I Allego commodo
  2. II Romanza (Largo – Doppio movimento – Largo)
  3. III Variations and Theme (Allegro – Meno mosso – Doppio movimento – Più mosso – Tempo commodo – Como in principio)
  4. String Trio No. 1, Op. 8b (1998/2016)

  5. Precipitoso – Adagissimo – Andante
  6. The Shed Dances, Op. 26b, for clarinet and string trio (2016)

  7. No. 1 Disgruntled waltz: Allegro
  8. No. 2 Petrified minuet: Tempo di menuetto
  9. No. 3 Leaden clog dance: Moderato
  10. No. 4 Boneyard antics: Andante – subito allegro molto – Andante
  11. No. 5 Marion’s pavane: Andante
  12. No. 6 Rampant scavenger: Presto
  13. An Outstretched Hand, Op. 24, for flute, clarinet and piano quartet (2015)

  14. Largo – Allegro molto – Allegro molto – Largo



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