Russian Settings of Robert Burns

Robert Burns enjoyed a particular following in both Imperial and Soviet Russia as an idealised 'people’s poet’. In the mid-twentieth century Samuel Marshak’s best-selling translations of Burns came to rival Pushkin in popularity and provided a fresh stimulus to Soviet composers – some of whom may have seen Burns’ radical views as a useful cloak for their own non-conformist views.

Vassily Savenko, bass-baritone
Alexander Blok, piano

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Catalogue No: TOCC0039
EAN/UPC: 5060113440396
Release Date: 12.01.2009
Composer: Dmitry Shostakovich, Georgy Sviridov
Artists: Alexander Blok, Vassily Savenko

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    Songs to Verses by Robert Burns (1955)

  1. No. 1: ‘Davno li tsvel zeleniy dol’ (‘The burgeoning dale was lately green’: ‘The Winter of Life’)
  2. No. 2: ‘Vozvrashcheniye soldata’ (‘The Return of the Soldier’: ‘The Sodger’s Return’)
  3. No. 3: ‘John Anderson’ (‘John Anderson, my Jo’)
  4. No. 4: ‘Robin’ (‘Rantin’, Rovin’ Robin’)
  5. No. 5: ‘Gorsky paren’ (‘Highland Laddie’)
  6. No. 6: ‘Findlay’ (‘Wha Is That At My Bower-Door?’)
  7. No. 7: ‘Vsiu zemliu tmoy zavoloklo’ (‘There Is Darkness Over All the Land’: ‘Guidwife, Count the Lawin’)
  8. No. 8: ‘Proshchay’ (‘Farewell’: ‘A Red, Red Rose’)
  9. No. 9: ‘Chestnaya bednost’ (‘Honest Poverty’: ‘A Man’s A Man For A’ That’)
  10. Two Songs to Verses by Robert Burns (1951)

  11. No. 1: Malen’kaya ballada (‘A Little Ballad’: ‘There Was a Bonnie Lass’)
  12. No. 2: ‘Jenny’ (‘Comin thro’ the Rye’)
  13. Three Songs from Six Romances for Bass, Op. 62 (1942)

  14. No. 2: ‘V polyakh, pod snegom i dozhdyom’ (‘In Snow-girt Fields’: ‘O, Wert Thou In The Cauld Blast’)
  15. No. 3: ‘McPherson pered kazn’yu’ (‘McPherson before his Execution’: ‘McPherson’s Farewell’)
  16. No. 4: ‘Jenny’ (‘Comin thro’ the Rye’)
  17. Song-Cycle to Verses by Robert Burns, Op. 51 (1956)

  18. No. 1: ‘Lyubov’ (‘Love’: ‘A Red, Red Rose’)
  19. No. 2: ‘John Anderson’ (‘John Anderson, my Jo’)
  20. No. 3: ‘Shelagh O’Neil’
  21. No. 4: ‘Gde-to v peshchere’ (‘Somewhere in a cave’: ‘Had I a Cave’)
  22. No. 5: ‘Iz vsekh vetrov’ (‘Of all winds’: ‘Of A’ the Airts’)
  23. Three Songs from Five Songs to Verses by Robert Burns (1944)

  24. No. 1: ‘Zastol’naya’ (‘A Toast’: ‘Auld Lang Syne’)
  25. No. 2: ‘Luchshy paren’ (‘The Bonniest Lad’: ‘Highland Laddie’)
  26. No. 5: ‘V polyakh, pod snegom i dozhdyom’ (‘In Snow-girt Fields’: ‘O, Wert Thou In The Cauld Blast’)


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