Roger SMALLEY: Piano, Vocal and Chamber Music

Catalogue No: TOCC0501
EAN/UPC: 5060113445018
Release Date: 2019-08-01
Composer: Roger Smalley
Artists: Daniel Herscovitch, Darryl Poulsen, James Cuddeford, Roger Smalley, Scott Davie, Taryn Fiebig

Roger Smalley (1943–2015) made his mark, first in his native Britain and then in Australia, as composer, pianist, conductor, writer, academic and teacher. Although as performer and commentator he was at the forefront of musical modernism, he was also very fond of nineteenth-century Romanticism, and much of his music bridges the gap between old and new, retaining its roots in the past while reflecting the concerns of his own time, as the works on this album demonstrate.

Taryn Fiebig, soprano (Tracks 2–10)
Darryl Poulsen, horn (Tracks 22)
James Cuddeford, violin (Tracks 11)
Daniel Herscovitch, piano (Track 1)
Scott Davie, piano (Tracks 2–10)
Roger Smalley, tam-tams (Track 22)

Listen To This Recording:

  1. Albumblatt (1990)*
  2. Nine Lives – A Song-Cycle about Cats for soprano and piano (2008)*

  3. I With slow and confidential pace
  4. II In a dim corner of my room
  5. III A cat tinkles on a piano
  6. IV Of a noble race she came
  7. V I am the cat of cats
  8. VI One of the clock, and silence deep
  9. VII The cat has a nervous nervous nervous ear
  10. VIII I shall go I shall go I shall go into a cat
  11. IX Observe the cat upon this page
  12. Capriccio No. 1 (1966)*
  13. Barcarolle (1986)
  14. Morceau de Concours (2008)*
  15. Piano Pieces I–V (1962–65)

  16. I [crotchet] = 66
  17. II [quaver] = 100
  18. III [quaver] = 84
  19. IV 1/2 = [crotchet] = 60
  20. V [crotchet] = 200
  21. Three Studies in Black and White for piano (2002–4)*

  22. No. 1 Gamelan: for the left hand alone
  23. No. 2 Moto perpetuo (with interruptions): for the right hand alone
  24. No. 3 Dialogue: for both hands
  25. Lament for the Victims of Natural Disasters for horn and four tam-tams (2005)*



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