Robin Walker: Orchestral Music

Robin Walker: Orchestral Music

The English composer Robin Walker (born in York in 1953) writes music which acknowledges nature as the paramount creative force. Working in a tradition which passes through Beethoven, Brahms, Elgar, Sibelius, Tippett and Birtwistle, he challenges the intellectual emphasis of modernism by channelling emotional energy into form, marrying subjective feeling and discipline in what he calls ‘passionate classicism’. This union of instinct and structure has created some of the most vigorous and exciting orchestral music of recent years, as the four powerful pieces on this CD demonstrate.

Novaya Rossiya Symphony Orchestra
Alexander Walker, conductor

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Catalogue No: TOCC0283
EAN/UPC: 5060113442833
Release Date: 01.05.2016
Composer: Robin Walker
Artists: Alexander Walker, Novaya Rossiya Symphony Orchestra

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  1. Great Rock is Dead: Funeral March (2007)
  2. Odysseus on Ogygia: Prelude (2011)
  3. The Stone King: Symphonic Poem (2005)
  4. The Stone Maker: Symphonic Poem (1996)


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