Richard Flury: Orchestral Music, Volume Three

Catalogue No: TOCC0643
EAN/UPC: 5060113446435
Release Date: 2023-03-03
Composer: Richard Flury
Artists: BBC Symphony Orchestra, Paul Mann

The First and Fourth Symphonies of the Swiss composer Richard Flury (1896–1967) both have a strong sense of place. They retain a hint of Bruckner but are fluid rather than monumental. The First is lyrical and grandiose in equal measure, perhaps reflecting the grandeurs of the Swiss landscape. The Fourth was inspired by memories of childhood visits to Liechtenstein and spins out tunes and atmosphere with the profligacy of a Hollywood film score. The existing material for both works was full of errors; this recording is the first to return to Flury’s manuscripts and expunge the wrong notes.

BBC Symphony Orchestra
Paul Mann, conductor

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  1. :

    ‘These are attractive symphonies, worth the work and energy put into their preparation, and worth one’s listening time.’

    —Gary Higginson, MusicWeb International

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