Richard FLURY: Ballet Music

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Catalogue No: TOCC0552
EAN/UPC: 5060113445520
Release Date: 2020-01-17
Composer: Richard Flury
Artists: Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra, Paul Mann

Der magische Spiegel (‘The Magic Mirror’), a 1954 ballet by the Swiss composer Richard Flury (1896–1967), tells a pantomime tale of flirtation, cuckoldry, magical spells and perdition – but this is no puritanical morality play: using the limited resources of a chamber orchestra to surprisingly full-bodied effect, Flury conjures up a delightful sequence of dances – a generous number of waltzes, with a czardas, a bolero and more – that skip past in good-humoured succession. And behind its innocent title, the Little Ballet Music of thirty years earlier hides a buoyant dance-suite, scored with a feeling for colour that would have gone down well in Hollywood.

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    Der magische Spiegel: Ballet in Three Scenes (1954)

  1. First Part: I Introduction
  2. First Part: II Waltz (1) of the wife
  3. First Part: III The student’s serenade
  4. First Part: IV The student enters
  5. First Part: V The husband enters
  6. First Part: VI Waltz (2) (wife/student)
  7. First Part: VII The husband’s farewell
  8. Second Part: In the Laboratory of a Mediaeval Alchemist and Magician: VIII Scene of the magician
  9. Second Part: IX The husband is healed
  10. Second Part: X The husband is given a magic mirror
  11. Second Part: In the Laboratory of a Mediaeval Alchemist and Magician: XI Waltz (3) (wife/student)
  12. Second Part: XII Interlude 1
  13. Second Part: XIII The student draws the husband
  14. Second Part: XIV Waltz (4) (wife/student)
  15. Second Part: XV The student’s presentiment of death
  16. Second Part: XVI Bolero (wife/student)
  17. Second Part:: XVII Interlude 2
  18. Second Part: XVIII Czardas (wife/student)
  19. Second Part: XVIV Interlude 3
  20. Second Part: XX Death of the student
  21. Third Part: Still in the Woman’s Chamber: XXI Return of the husband
  22. Third Part: XXII Interlude 4
  23. Third Part: XXIII Reunion with his wife
  24. Third Part: XXIV The husband accuses his wife
  25. Third Part: XXV Interlude 5
  26. Third Part: XXVI Her girlfriends try to appease him
  27. Third Part: XXVII Opening the trunk
  28. Third Part: XXVIII Devils push the sinner into the fire
  29. Kleine Ballettmusik (1925-26)

  30. I Arabesque
  31. II Melodie
  32. III Alla Polacca
  33. IV Valse pastorale
  34. V Tambourin
  35. VI Marche de Kermesse

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  1. :

    ‘The recording, which shows depth and delicacy, is courtesy of Michael Ponder and Adaq Khan. It is fully satisfying, as is the playing and style adopted by Paul Mann and the Nuremberg orchestra.’

    —Rob Barnett, MusicWeb International

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