Richard FLURY: Ballet Music

Der magische Spiegel (‘The Magic Mirror’), a 1954 ballet by the Swiss composer Richard Flury (1896–1967), tells a pantomime tale of flirtation, cuckoldry, magical spells and perdition – but this is no puritanical morality play: using the limited resources of a chamber orchestra to surprisingly full-bodied effect, Flury conjures up a delightful sequence of dances – a generous number of waltzes, with a czardas, a bolero and more – that skip past in good-humoured succession. And behind its innocent title, the Little Ballet Music of thirty years earlier hides a buoyant dance-suite, scored with a feeling for colour that would have gone down well in Hollywood.

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    Der magische Spiegel: Ballet in Three Scenes (1954)

  1. First Part: I Introduction
  2. First Part: II Waltz (1) of the wife
  3. First Part: III The student’s serenade
  4. First Part: IV The student enters
  5. First Part: V The husband enters
  6. First Part: VI Waltz (2) (wife/student)
  7. First Part: VII The husband’s farewell
  8. Second Part: In the Laboratory of a Mediaeval Alchemist and Magician: VIII Scene of the magician
  9. Second Part: IX The husband is healed
  10. Second Part: X The husband is given a magic mirror
  11. Second Part: In the Laboratory of a Mediaeval Alchemist and Magician: XI Waltz (3) (wife/student)
  12. Second Part: XII Interlude 1
  13. Second Part: XIII The student draws the husband
  14. Second Part: XIV Waltz (4) (wife/student)
  15. Second Part: XV The student’s presentiment of death
  16. Second Part: XVI Bolero (wife/student)
  17. Second Part:: XVII Interlude 2
  18. Second Part: XVIII Czardas (wife/student)
  19. Second Part: XVIV Interlude 3
  20. Second Part: XX Death of the student
  21. Third Part: Still in the Woman’s Chamber: XXI Return of the husband
  22. Third Part: XXII Interlude 4
  23. Third Part: XXIII Reunion with his wife
  24. Third Part: XXIV The husband accuses his wife
  25. Third Part: XXV Interlude 5
  26. Third Part: XXVI Her girlfriends try to appease him
  27. Third Part: XXVII Opening the trunk
  28. Third Part: XXVIII Devils push the sinner into the fire
  29. Kleine Ballettmusik (1925-26)

  30. I Arabesque
  31. II Melodie
  32. III Alla Polacca
  33. IV Valse pastorale
  34. V Tambourin
  35. VI Marche de Kermesse

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Catalogue No: TOCC0552
EAN/UPC: 5060113445520
Release Date: 17.01.2020
Composer: Richard Flury
Artists: Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra, Paul Mann


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