Jean-Philippe Rameau: The Complete Keyboard Music, Volume Two

Rameau was one of the great composers for the keyboard. But because pianists have not adopted his harpsichord music as they have that of the other great names of the Baroque – Bach, Handel and Scarlatti – his stature as one of the world’s major keyboard composers is not as fully acknowledged. This series of three CDs underlines that claim by presenting all his keyboard music on the piano: the familiar suites, a number of discoveries and arrangements by himself and his contemporaries.

Stephen Gutman, piano


Catalogue No: TOCC0051
EAN/UPC: 5060113440518
Release Date: 01.10.2012
Composer: Jean-Philippe Rameau
Artists: Stephen Gutman

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    Les Indes Galantes (c. 1736)

  1. Ouverture
  2. Air polonois
  3. Musette en rondeau
  4. Menuets I & II
  5. Air gratieux pour les Amours
  6. Air pour les Amants qui suivent Bellone et pour les amantes qui t‚chent de les retenir
  7. Premier air pour les Bostangis
  8. Deuxième air pour les Bostangis
  9. Air des Fleurs
  10. Air tendre pour la Rose
  11. Gavotte pour les Fleurs
  12. Air pour Borée et la Rose
  13. Air pour Zéphire
  14. Air vif pour Zéphire et la Rose
  15. Gavotte vive pour les Fleurs
  16. Marche des Persans
  17. Air pour les Esclaves Africains
  18. Rigaudons I & II
  19. Tambourins I & II
  20. Vivement
  21. Air grave pour les Incas du Pérou
  22. Loure en rondeau
  23. Rondeau gratieux
  24. Gavottes I & II
  25. Suite No. 3 in D minor/major (1724)

  26. Les tendres plaintes
  27. Les niais de Sologne
  28. Premier double des Niais
  29. Deuxième double des Niais
  30. Les soupirs
  31. La joyeuse
  32. La follette
  33. L’entretien des Muses
  34. Les tourbillons
  35. La boiteuse
  36. Le lardon
  37. Les cyclopes
  38. Pièces de clavecin en concerts: Concert No. 4 in B flat major (1741)

  39. La pantomime
  40. L’indiscrète
  41. La Rameau
  42. Gavotte from Dardanus (late 18th c.) [transc. Balbastre]
  43. Menuet en rondeau (1724)

2 reviews for Jean-Philippe Rameau: The Complete Keyboard Music, Volume Two

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    “I got out my copy of volume 1 recently – it was easy to find, which proves that it gets played quite frequently and hasn’t disappeared into the limbo of lost CDs at the back of the cupboard and was just as pleased with it as when I first reviewed it. That goes equally for its successor. Roll on the third and final volume – let’s not have to wait another four years, please.” —Brian Wilson, MusicWeb International

  2. :

    “…Toccata Classics’ engineering captures Gutman’s warm timbre in an ambience akin to an intimate room suitable for both instrument and repertoire. A lovely disc in every way, and I look forward to this cycle’s imminent completion.” Classics Today

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